1.7 Excitement.

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  1. Alright guys, it is time I posted everything that is happening. Open spoilers to see pictures of the 1.7 items.

    New Flowers

    Flowers: Poppy, Blue Orchid, Allium, Azure Bluet, Tulips ( Red, Orange, White, and pink ), Oxeye Daisy
    2 Block High Flowers: Lilac, Rose Bush, Peony, and Sunflower.
    Misc Plants: Double Tall Grass, Large Fern
    Trees: 2x2 Spruce Trees ( Redwood, Roofed Forest Tree ), Acacia,
    Savannah, Roofed Forest, Mesa, Ice Plains Spikes, Ice Plains, Birch Forest, Sun Flower Plains, Flower Forest, Taiga, Mega Taiga, Extreme Hills+, Deep Ocean

    Technical: M ( Mountain I assume ), Plateau ( Plat-Toe ), Mesa ( Bryce ), New Hills, New Beaches ( Stone Beach and Cold Beach )

    World Type: AMPLIFIED - Can reach heights of 256

    Improvements: Jungles spawn with Melons, Swamps are more Swampy, Extreme Hills are more rocky and gravely, Less oceans and Gravely floor, Red Sand spawns in Mesa Biome
    Sorted: Snow-Covered, Cold, Medium, Dry/Warm ( Biomes try not to be next to other biomes that are to different from each other).
    Snow can spawn based on elevation and biome.
    Achievements, Commands, Stats, And Misc

    Commands: /setidletimeout <minutes until kick>, /tellraw <player> <Raw json Message>, /summon <Entity Name> [x] [y] [z] [data tag], /achievement give <Stat_Name> [ Player ], /setblock [x] [y] [z] <Block ID> [data] [ method ] [ Data Tag ], /testforblock <x> <y> <z> <Tile Name> [ Data Value ] [Data Tag].
    Achievements: The Beginning? ( Spawn Wither), The Beginning ( Kill Wither ), Adventuring Time ( Discover All Biomes ), Repopulation ( Breed 2 Cows ), Beaconator ( Craft a Beacon ), Diamonds to you! ( Throw Diamonds at Another players ( I will volunteer ) )
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  2. sunflowers will show you which direction your facing ^_^
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  3. I am excited. But, can someone post a picture please? :p
  4. New launcher is what I'm excited about :)
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  5. And Cherry Blossom trees!
  6. That is a maybe I think.
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  7. There is no picture with all the new Items in it, but if you youtube the 1.7 features, you should get a decent overview of whats to come so far.
  8. Fall Damage Particles? :p
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  9. How do you know this info? Mojang has not released any info nor snapshots...
  10. Minecraft Wiki has had a tendency to say many things that are "upcoming" that were never true. And do not ask my like what things because those were before 1.6.2 and frankly I cannot remember.
  11. Only about 5% of their stuff they say is upcoming did not come in the update. They usually have a reason that it was not included for the update.
  12. ok
  13. Jeb has been very busy posting "hints" of features in 1.7 on Instagram and twitter
  14. ... another "new launcher"? that is frightening... as the last one was completely botched :mad:

    also, if there will be new biomes, i wonder if the Frontier will be reset to support this? already know that the wastelands will be.. but for the frontier to have new things.. that is awesome and stuff, that would be great. lol
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  15. The frontier will never be reset, as that's what the wastelands was introduced for. :)
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  16. i knoow, but it would still be cool if it was lol :p
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  17. Well, we have to think about all the wild bases out there.
    Yes, it was in the past, but now there's an alternative, no need.
  18. Well, I am happy with 1.6 right now. And I do not want to see the wild (frontier) reset,
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