1.7 Excitement.

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  1. just go out far in frontier :)
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  2. It's not a new launcher, just an update to it :D
  3. I just wanted to create a thread to keep track of the 1.7 features, including pictures and things, and now I found this... No need for it anymore, I think? Edit: Okay, I'll just try to make it.
  4. What's jeb's instagram?
  5. Ummm Just search Jeb :p
  6. Its called travel very very very far from spawn
  7. Expect a revised and updated statistics and achievements system. Check Dinnerbone's post. (I was one of the ones who figured out Dinnerbone's puzzle.)
  8. It may be a good idea to update to 1.6.3 before going to 1.7, i hope EMC has heard of that important biome structure bug/conversion fix >.>
  10. i dont know how beefy the server is, but i know from much experiance that exploring faaaaaaaaaaar away form spawn eventually starts killing the server.... also i dont want to have to spend multiple in game days JUST to spawn new chunks to explore :/
    ((many peeves from past experiences))
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  11. also... there has been a few pre-releases out for the update made available threw the launcher and YouTubes showcasing the content there in ;P
  12. Of course, you can just play the snapshots, everyone does.
  13. No, you can have heaps of pictures. My computer nearly melted when it had to make the Amplified world :eek:.
    Focus is on the Amplified world too.

    HnqDRtC.jpg maxresdefault.jpg 20130919_22.00.47.jpg 20130919_22.05.39.jpg 20130919_22.06.28.jpg 2013-09-19_22.02.32.jpg 2013-09-19_22.05.58.jpg 2013-09-19_22.06.59.jpg 2013-09-19_22.07.27.jpg
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  15. EMC is now running on 1.6.4
    Though you can connect just fine with 1.6.2, 1.6.3 and 1.6.4 clients (far as i can tell)
  16. I'm already making a garden for 1.7
  17. Thanks ;)