The Unofficial MC1.0 Bugs Thread

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by CallMeTom, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Let's make a list of known bugs and problems in the new 1.0 version.

    - Trouble with doors when they are adjacent.

    You open this door....

    And it quickly closes it whilst opening the two adjacent doors.

    If you find any more bugs please post about them here!
  2. This thread is mainly for Minecraft bugs that Mojang have to fix, your bug page is EmpireMinecraft bugs I'm assuming, but go ahead and add it on if you wish! :)
  3. Is that a texturepack? :eek: If so wat is it?
  4. Another bug I've experienced is that Cave Spiders don't poison.

    Mixed blessing.
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  5. That's actually been a bug since 1.8.
  6. Oh.

    An SMP thing, then?
  7. Yep. In true Mojang fashion, many things that work fine in singleplayer often take a few tries to get working in SMP.
  8. I think Notch thinks that most people never bother with SMP. Game would be better if he simply took the time to make his game work for everyone.
  9. Actually think about it. Notch runs a business. Why waste money debugging and improving multi-player when the community is doing it for free with projects like Bukkit.
  10. But at what point does Notch lose control of his own creation?
  11. Just like bungie lost Halo :(
  12. Oh god why must you remind us?
  13. Found another bug, but I've been told its carried on from 1.8

    Mob Spawns show as pigs...

  14. It's been like that for a very long time. For all of SMP Monster Spawners.
  15. me snow golem buddys no show:oops:. what i mean is i think their there but their in invisable because i made one and it disapread but then i was just standing around and i was getting randomly pushed by thin air so i think u just cant see them or something.
  16. Did you make it in a snowy biome?
  17. Actually, in a server I used to play before I found EmpireMinecraft, the mob spawners were not just pigs. They actually showed skeletons, zombies, etc.
  18. I have seen that My sheep have been breaking out im not for sure how but it seems any npc placed in a contained room can break out. with a closed door I had 4 sheep. When I logged on I only had 2 in there to find that the others were grazing on the neighbors lawn xD