A 1.9 Thread

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  1. 1.9 in a nutshell

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    More Arrows and Banner Shields

    Lingering Potions and throwable water

    Treehouses for the End

    Lots of chorus plants with magic fruits AND infinite End

    Yarr! End Ships with the Dragon Head for it's thing on the front.

    No, this isn't somebody waking up - it's the new mob. It shoots stuff at you in the End and levitates you.

    Purpur blocks and End Brick


    New light source

    Unicorn Mobs

    Also, new dragon fight and command blocks. That's cool, I guess.
  2. I like this arrow mechanic. makes it a much nicer to CHOOSE to use shiny arrows over normal.
  3. That was my immediate thought. I am glad I was not alone. ;)
    For the arrows, I am guessing:
    • Fire
    • Wither/Blindness
    • Poison
    • Notch Arrow (Op arrow like the notch apple?)
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  4. Shields?! Ugh.-_- This is not Skyrim, I hope they don't attempt to make using a shield a requirement (ie making combat insanely difficult with justa sword).
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  5. This is MC... Combat is already super easy once you have Diamond Armor.

    Though, maybe killing Momentus on difficulty 10 ca be possible with a shield :p
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  6. Like the shield possibility. It will make sending fireballs back at a Ghast much easier. And the ability to switch between arrows is a very nice touch.
  7. I only have a few curiosities with the quiver/arrows.
    • Will this make shooting arrows out of you inventory obsolete or just less useful?
    • I am begging that the quiver is not like the saddle - only found in dungeons.
    From what I can see, I fear that we might have to reload in order to keep shooting that specific arrow.
  8. If mojang doesn't do it themselves, i'll make the quicker slot auto reload with the same arrow type.
  9. OMG Finally some combat updates for minecraft! Hopefully they remove the 'boring' herbs and add some more 'awesome' sauce instead! :D

    Things I'm hoping for:
    - Magic spells, books, rods or wands, including a manabar
    - Possibility to heal yourself or other players
    - More weapons besides the sword (Who doesn't want to fight with a hammer or greataxe?)
  10. Interesting. I like the path block thingy. The changes to the inv ... ? I don't like too much. Seems confusing especially for new players. Arrows are cool though. :)
  11. More PvP mechanics... *smiles*
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  12. Perhaps limit that to lower difficulties?
    "Possibility to heal yourself or other players"
    *Looks at Splash potion of healing*

    Anyways, a magic aspect would be pretty cool. Potions are a pain.
  13. Not sure how I feel about all this. I think minecraft is popular because people admire the simplicity of it, and by adding all this new stuff you take away the simple aspect. Then again, you need to switch things up to keep the game from getting boring.
  14. Snap, I just read on the Minecraft wiki that the path block is for Pocket only. Aww.
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  15. It's also being added to PC.
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  16. I like the subtitles feature, because even for those with good hearing the visual warning of a creeper is nice.
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  17. Also for those that get blown up by creepers all the time (even the ones that claim they don't) because they don't have speakers or are otherwise annoyed by minecrafts horrible sounds lol. Note: I use the sounds, not necessarily because I want to.
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  18. Bump. Dinnerbone changed the creative and survival menu, and a confirmed arrow: Spectral Arrow
  19. The new block looks awesome, and so do the arrows.
  20. Very interesting... thanks for keeping us updated, Sky. :) Minecraft is turning weird with this update, but I think I like the change. :p Now I can die with even more style! :D