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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I'm currently watching Minecon and Jeb_ is revealing the 1.11 changes.
    It's really cool and I don't want to miss anything so I'll be keeping this short right now.
    But if anyone wants to discuss any of the new features, go ahead!
  2. Shulker boxes and woodland mansions look sick!
  3. Llamas haha God I love this game.
  4. Alpaca :p
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  5. My worked out notes (last update: 26th September 2016)

    New 1.11 features from Minecon
    • Curse enchantments.
      • Curse of vanishing: if you die then the item disappears.
      • Curse of binding: if you equip the item you can't remove it.
        • If combined with mending you might get stuck with an item forever.
        • The item will drop if you die, or if the item breaks (used up).
    • Added observer block, recipe: 6 cobble on top & low rows, in the middle: 2 redstone and 1 quartz, acts like a BUD switch.
      • Can trigger redstone signals based on events, like a grown melon.
      • Came from pocket edition.
    • Extra portals to escape End islands. Easier accessible because they're on the ground.
      • Devs. felt that it wasn't ideal that players would simply use ender chests and killed themselves, this should make it easier to come back.
    • Added shulker shell (mob drop).
      • Can be used to make a shulker box (new chest). Recipe is a chest with a shell on top and below.
      • Chest can be used as a backpack: when you destroy / drop it it keeps all items contained inside. So you can move a shulker box with all contained items through a hopper chain for example.
      • This is going to be slick for outposts to transport items across!
    • Cartographer villager & treasure maps.
      • You can trade a new villager (librarian type) for a treasure map, which will show specific locations, like an ocean monument.
    • /locate command - can show the coordinates for specific structures.
      • Example: /locate NetherFortress.
    • Woodland mansions (new generated build).
      • Best found using treasure maps.
      • Fairly uncommon
      • Has new mobs inside: evoker, vindicator & vex
      • Vex are like ghosts / undead birds, they fly and will attack with their claws. Likely spawned by the evoker.
      • Evoker & Vindicater are somewhat like undead villagers, the idea is that they're villager outcasts.
      • Vindicator attacks with an axe, the Evoker evokes some kind of magical attack which makes 'thorns' or 'obstacles' pop out from the ground.
    • Totem of undying.
      • Needs to be held in your hand to be active.
      • Will automatically activate on the moment you're about to die.
      • Gives you short moment of regeneration & respiration and is consumed after use.
      • When it gets active you'll see a totem image / icon appear on your screen.
    • Added lamas
      • Can use carpet to make colored "saddles".
      • Saddles (cloths) appear to have different patterns and textures.
      • Will automatically form caravans (herds), so if you lead one animal the others follow automatically.
      • Behaves a bit like a donkey: you can add chests to it.
      • Will attack hostile mobs by spitting at them.
    New snapshot with all these features is coming out UPCOMING WEDNESDAY! (time of writing)

    Wednesday, 28th of September = Snapshot day!


    New features in current snapshot
    • /gamerule doWeatherCycle - allows you to stop the weather from changing.
    • /gamerule maxEntityCramming - controls how many mobs can reside in 1 spot without suffocating (dying). Defaults to 25.
      • In different words: controls how many entities can be in a 1 x 1 area.
    • Elytra's now show on armor stands and mobs.
    • If you set a guardian on fire it'll drop cooked fish instead of raw fish.
    • Doing things causes less hunger.
  6. I wonder if the shulker boxes will be limited like the enderchest as in you can only have one at a time. If not you can carry 13.5 DCs in your enderchest alone lol
  7. Nope, llamas, it was a vote-off and the llamas won. I would've liked alpacas, but oh well.

    Anyway, it's over now, and there was some pretty cool stuff!
    Shulker Boxes are a great addition, we've needed more ways to carry stuff for the longest time, so that's great!
    I also really like the disappearing enchant/curse.
    And new dungeons are always welcome!

    I'm not sure how the totem is going to affect things, but it's certainly an interesting addition!
    I'll try find a nicely organised changelog somewhere, so the people who missed it can check it out. :)

    Edit: Ah, Shel made a changelog already, nice :p
  8. I thought he said alpacas, my bad :)
  9. Wow, this was in a previous snapshot already, but I just found it when looking for stuff newly revealed:

    I think that's going to be the most significant change for me!! :eek:
  10. I was a bit hasty and dumped in my notes which I made using notepad, the forum completely trashed their formatting so now I edited it and its easier to read. All new features listed above.

    I am super excited about the shulker box :)
  11. Shulker boxes?=
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  12. Has any Emcs been seen or anything? :p
  13. Nice, I noticed it was a bit rough, but I don't mind, as it was definitely very quick!

    Two remarks:
    -I think it isn't clear from your changelog that the Evoker summons the Vex. That's how they spawn, right?
    -You mentioned the caravans twice :p
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  14. Yeah, they're like backpacks you can only opened when placed, check Shel's changelog ;)
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  15. Just checked the MC Forums. Looks awesome.
    I'm calling it right now, Horse Breeders are gonna quit and become Llama breeders.
    btw pics

  16. I can finally write out my essays in-game as well, EMC beware of the weekends and long Shell sentences :D
  17. I'm super excited for the llamas:) My life is complete now
  18. I cant believe they added llamas :p I started laughing as they started spitting at the wolf and each other! I have been watching MineCon as well. The Woodland Mansions are pretty cool and what lays inside them, its literally a haunted mansion. All they need to add now is a carriage so the llamas can pull it and horses :p
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  19. Lol when they started spitting I laughed too:D
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  20. Yeah! Why did that llama spit at the baby? The poor little one was only trying to help! :c