1.1 is here!

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  1. Now we watch as the value of wool comes crashing down to earth!
  2. Whooohhh! :)

    Oh great now the servers needs upgrading :/
  3. question, how long does it takes for the admins to update servers?
  4. The EMC servers are at the mercy of the bukkit platform. It normally takes a few days to have a stable bukkit version released I believe, and then takes Justin a few days more to calibrate EMC servers for the new version. Let's say a week for now, but this is only an estimation.
  5. awww and i was just about to finish my shop! dammit, well, back to Eve Online i go
  6. waht should i do i cant conect to server it only says outdated server =(((((
  7. I'm trying to downgrade, but i need the minecraft 1.0 files for mac (if someone would be kind to copy the files and send them so i can replace them)

    Thx in advance!
  8. nooooo my unfinished heaven is not dun now... and y cant the admins just update the servers just like tht? is it rlly tht hard?
  9. updating the version wont reset the world.. you wont loose anything.
  10. If you have already updated your minecraft, you can rollback by placing a 1.0.0 version of minecraft.jar into the .minecraft/bin folder. You can find the download link for 1.0.0 jar file from following download links at http://uploaded.to/file/u9cbfi6w
    Let me know if the link doesnt work :)
  11. Downloading + thanks! link works and is downloading now
  12. Out of interest, is there a chance of the ten-day login window being cut out while the server is desynchronized? I really don't want to muck around with the files, but (obviously) I'd hate to lose my res if it takes nine days to update.
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