Minecraft 1.0.0 is LIVE

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. We are now on Minecraft 1.0.0 (its ok to update)

    Empire Minecraft is now running Minecraft 1.0.0. Of course there are some bugs that have to be worked out, I have started an official list of them here: http://EmpireMinecraft.com/bugs

    Each server now has one normal world called the Wilderness, a Nether, and a Town. Each Wilderness has all 4 outposts open (North, East, South, and West).

    In addition to the MC updates I have also made a series of Empire changes. The biggest is probably that /town will now take you to the Town spawn and /help town will give the help information that /town used to. As usual you can find a list of updates in the Empire Changes Log located here: http://empireminecraft.com/updates

    As with any new updates please be on the lookout for any serious bugs or issues and report them to me immediately. If it is some sort of exploit or something someone could use to grief or bother others I would prefer if you sent me a private message on here (click on my name on the left).
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  2. YAY!! So at like, 5:00 EST smp1 will be ready?
  3. yaaaat it will be done
  4. ok so when will the utopia updates be finished lol thx for startinf
    your truely
  5. Thanks Justin!
    I can't wait till everything is updated. :)
  6. i am sooo exited
  7. justin you are unbeliveable every time we think it cannot get any better you prove us wrong you sir are just outstanding
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  8. Just a little bit more to go while the live map catches up to the changes and then we will be ready to launch the updated smp1 server :) I also just updated the changes log: http://empireminecraft.com/updates

    Thanks for the kind words everyone :)
  9. Ya buddy, 1•0•0 baby ya
    Give me a min I will send u a couple major bugs with the new minecraft
    Btw what about the wasteland
  10. so smp1 will be up in about 30 min? or will it take longer?
  11. SMP2 is 'getting ready' to upgrade. Justin said smp1 will be up when smp2 is down. So I'm guessing smp1 will be up any minute now....
  12. smp1 is now launched and live with MC 1.0

    smp2 is down and will take a couple hours to update
  13. Yay, now I can finally make my enchanting room!

    Am I allowed to build a Mob Tower for farming XP, or no...?
  14. make o mod tower in wildernsness just outside the spawn that any one can use that would be a awsome idea

    and dam smp2 is down so every one is on smp1 so i cant get on :(
  15. smp2 is close to being done. Just waiting for the live maps to finish rendering and catching up and then I will launch :)
  16. how long till we get utopia up and running?
  17. This is great! Good job Justin.
    I cant believe i havent been able to play today :(
    I look forward to it though tommorow

    Edit: Cuz of Family problem, Not cuz the server was down ;p lol
  18. I plan on launching Friday the 25th. I will post a more detailed timeline once I am done with this marathon lol
  19. Alright smp2 is now online enjoy :) I am preparing a known bugs list I will post in a bit :)