Easter Events

Apr 25, 2023
Easter Events
  • EMC often celebrates Easter with special events. These events often reward participants with Special Event Items.

    Easter Valley - 2017(top)

    The Easter Valley event (thread) was a three-mode mini-game map which launched on April 16th, 2017 for the Easter season of that year. It was hosted in a special Easter-themed design of the /event world, which is also used for other seasonal games and parties.

    When players entered the /event world, they could choose between three game modes, each of which took place in the Easter-themed map designed for the event.

    Story mode(top)

    The story mode involved a quest to assist the Easter Bunny's assistant as they prepared for the Easter holiday. Players who completed it were given the Chocolate Bunny item.

    During the event's Story Mode, players had to help the Easter Bunny's assistant prepare for the Easter holiday by creating a Chocolate Bunny with milk and cocoa. After climbing the huge tree and meeting the Easter Bunny, it offers the Chocolate Bunny to the player as a reward for their help in the Easter Village.

    Another item, Carrot Juice, featured in the Story Mode. It was not meant to be available in the Empire world initially, but due to a trading glitch, it was. To let other players obtain it, it was offered for sale in the Shopworld for a short period of time.

    Free-roam mode(top)

    The free-roam mode allowed the player and their friends to explore the Event World's beautiful map.

    Scavenger hunt mode(top)

    The scavenger hunt mode asked players to find and solve the 12 clues hidden around the map, and complete the bonus phrase.

    This post revealed the winners of this mode, as well as an honor roll for people who solved all clues and the bonus phrase.


    There were a number of prize drawings, which corresponded to the amount of correct clues players solved when they filled out the answer sheet linked in the thread. Each drawing contained multiple prizes and allowed for multiple winners.
    1. Players that correctly answered at least 3 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 10 5k rupee prizes.
    2. Players that correctly answered at least 6 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 10k rupee prizes, one of 10 Vault Vouchers, or one of 10 Stable Vouchers.
    3. Players that correctly answered at least 9 clues were entered for a chance to win one of 5 Iron Supporter Vouchers.
    4. Players that correctly answered all 12 of the clues and solved the bonus phrase were entered for a chance to win one of 5 Gold Support Vouchers.


    The answers to each clue were as follows:
    1. Basket
    2. Tulips
    3. Lamb
    4. Daffodils
    5. Sunshine
    6. Sprout
    7. Marshmallow
    8. Jelly Beans
    9. Eggs
    10. Hatch
    11. Nest
    12. Chocolate
    Bonus Phrase: "Hopping down the bunny trail."

    Design and creators(top)

    The Easter Valley map was designed by the Build Team, led by B4DMAN5IMON, the Build Team Leader at the time.


    A trailer was released to promote the event.

    Easter egg hunt - 2018(top)

    In 2018, a cross-server Easter egg hunt was hosted by the Events Team. The Magical Eggcellent Wand was one of the available prizes.

    Easter Village - 2019(top)

    In 2019, the build team once again created a special world - the Easter Village - to celebrate Easter. Players who explored the world and completed its hedge maze were awarded with the Carrot Cake Topper.

    Easter Wonderland - 2020(top)

    The 2020 Easter world resembled a beautiful wonderland. It was located in a special /games world. Below is a screenshot of the world, built by the Build Team.

    The Rabbit's Pocket Watch was later awarded to players who found the five eggs needed to complete their journey down the rabbit hole.

    This is the announcement thread.

    Big City Bunny - 2021(top)

    In 2021, the Build Team built a two-part egg hunt event, hosted on /games. The first part was a small "training" egg hunt in a campground. Once players found four eggs from there, they would give the eggs to Ranger Matilda, and continue on to a small maze. From there, players would continue to the second part. Here, they would have to collect sixteen more eggs, dispersed around a large city build.

    Among challenges given to gather the eggs, players had to complete a timed death obstacle course, as well as a pig maze. Once all of the eggs were collected, players would have to find the reward sign found within one of four tall office buildings. Once the sign was found, a pair of Sheep Hooves would be mailed to the finisher.

    The event opened on April 4th, 2021, and the announcement thread can be found here.

    First part

    Second part

    Bunny Corp. - 2022(top)

    For Easter 2022 a multipart event consisting of treasure hunts and mazes was designed by the build team. A continuation of the 2021 Big City Bunny story, players returned to the city to help at Bunny Corp. The first stage consisted of searching for the annual reports from each of the 6 corporate departments at Bunny Corp. Headquarters to hand in to the assistant and obtain the key card to access the factory.

    The factory portion consisted of a maze and small challenges. Players searched for 5 employees in the basement in order to gather their badges to move onto the next section. After they gathered all of the badges, a large cavern maze challenged players to search for the exit into Grandma Bunny’s valley.

    Finally passing through Grandma’s fireplace, players were returned to Mr. Bunny’s personal office to access the prize room, where clicking on the reward sign would Mail this year’s promotional item to the player, a shiny pair of Bunny Family Boots!

    The event opened on April 17th, 2022, and the announcement thread can be found here.

    Bunny Corp. Headquarters

    Grandma Bunny's Valley

    Steampunk Spring - 2023(top)

    In Spring of 2023 a new adventure was released for Easter. This Steampunk design called for players to go in search of escaped rabbits needed to power the Easter Machines for the Rabbits Nest. Players had to locate and catch at least 15 of the 25 rabbits in order to earn their reward.

    In addition to rabits, players collected egg power to gain experience, which could be used in the event shop towrds the purchase of specialized gear, useful in the completion of their task. The 25 rabbits were scattered over 5 sections (1 valley and 4 mine sections) with 5 rabbits hiding in each section.

    Once 15 rabbits were caught, players were automatically teleported to the prize room to collect their shiny new Steampunk Jetpack.

    The event opened on April 8th, 2023, and the original thread can be found here.

    Entrance to the Rabbits Nest mines.

    Deep inside the mines, looking for rabbits.

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