[EVENT] Steampunk Spring!

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  1. When an egg-powered steampunk town faces an energy crisis, who will come to their rescue? Brave the dangerous egg mines and collect as many eggs as possible to return power to the town!

    Visit the event now on /games!

    Who knows? Maybe you'll earn some cool steampunk gear of your own for your hard work. ;)
    Happy Easter!
  2. The build looks so good. Every time these events are released, I look around first to absorb all the good designs and ideas. Good job, Build Team! :)
  3. Who will be the one to find the best boi this time I wonder...
  4. time to go back to mars with deez wingz

    thanks build team
  5. Where are all the rabbits?
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  6. Awesome work BT! the build is absolutely massive o-o
    I really liked that this one is longer, makes you feel like you earned the reward :D
    (and there is a speedrun reset button <3)
  7. wheres the rabbits
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  8. I'm looking forward to hopping through this event :3

    Thanks for the awesome build BT - it's truly beautiful like always :love: :<3:
  9. There's a total of 25. 5 in the town and 5 in each mine (4 mines total).
  10. We did some Command Block overhauling this afternoon to clean up a couple bugs and try to streamline things. We should be ok but as always, things can happen.

    If there's bugs, please report them to both myself and MoreMoople by forum PM.
  11. What a fun event! 25/25 found and +1 purchased just to use up the EP. Build Team is just so awesome as usual!
  12. i finished 15/25
  13. I stopped at 15. I know that I'm not able to get some behind difficult parkour things, like hasselhop in town.

    Event is very cool, maybe a bit grindy at first, but probably it's just me and the way I approached it.

    I am not sure I got the item description right. I thought the pants would give fire resistance.
  14. The pants give heat resistance, not completely the same. If you are not sure of the difference, try entering area 4 without those pants on. (They actually do have small amount of fire resistance as well, but not enough to survive lava)
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  15. ah, I see, I had no idea that heat resistance was a thing :D
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  16. Where are those waskely wabbits?!!! This might be my favorite Easter event on EMC ever. Great job build team!!
  17. the builds idk but one looks cool as a base on my res but idk if i should ask u to get the one as a base
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  18. Amazing event! Nice job Build Team and everyone that worked to put this together. I loved how extended and immersive this event was. I finally got the jet pack and now I'm still working to get all 25. But at least I got Benny. That one had me puzzled for quite a while!
  19. Impressive build! Thank you to everyone for your hard work. You sure made us earn this reward! :D