[EVENT] Steampunk Spring!

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  1. Well, that took a little work! I finally found Twilight. That was tricky! 25/25
  2. Fantastic work team! Have not had time to review the event in depth, but love the adventure aspect! One of the best events to date. Love the exp and in-event shop...

    Have my 15 bunnies, was a challenge for me... May have time to look for the rest....
  3. It's an awesome build. I gave it a go last night. I could only find 3 rabbits. It is such a busy complex build I had a difficult time figuring out which areas I already checked. I'm giving it another go tonight to try to find the entrance to the mines.
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  4. I have only found 1 rabbit, not sure I'll be able to finish it.
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  5. A little dragon told me there are 5 in each area, town, and 4 sections in the Mine
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  6. Yeah, it took me like 40 minutes to find the mines as well... hehe. Anyways, here are some instruction pictures if you would like to see :)

    After starting at /spawn and entering the event follow:

    A few meters after the entrance, there is a cave with a pressure plate in it, if you step on it. You will now be able to use the quick teleports located at the TP hub (Right click carrot on stick). This will allow you to TP to checkpoints quite easily through out the mine. You also unlock them if you happen to respawn during your adventures in the cave.
  7. I had fun finding 15 rabbits. Once again the build team did an incredible job, actually everyone involved did!
    Thank you.
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  8. I'm on 21/25 rabbits.

    Could anyone PM with hints or directions for:
    David Hasselhop (Town)
    Cinnabun (Mines 1)
    Cloud (Mines 3)
    Twilight (Mines 4)

    Thank you!
  9. I finished the event and I'm really impressed with how detailed the build is! I'm quite familiar with the fashion and the builders really did their research to mimic the style to the T! Great job everyone who worked on it! :D
  10. 25/25 thanks for the hints :D
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  11. I'll correct myself. 25/25.

    And I have a renewed appreciation for the build. It's massive and with a ton of details
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  12. Your right! I've gone back a couple of times already to explore and appreciate the work put into it and I finally figured out how to get to David.
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  13. Awesome work BT. Was finally able to get 25/25 +1. Going to run my alts through to get 15 just to get the item. Was pretty fun. That lava area is rough though...lol
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  14. How long is the event world going to be accessible for?
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  15. As of right now it'll likely be sometime this weekend.
  16. Alert all speedrunners: Final call for all speedrun attempts!
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  17. If anyone needs help finding bunnies I have some coordinates screencapped that I can tell you
  18. I really hated the entire experience :)

    But then, after I finally realized that the iron sword and boots were essential it became a bit more fun. And then when I realized that you did NOT have to succeed at parkour to get the 15 bunnies and get the 'prize' I started to appreciate the build and the entire experience even more. So this older player has to give the entire thing a somewhat belated thumbs up!

    Thanks for a beautiful build and for taking me out of my comfort zone :D

    One question: Besides the satisfaction/pride involved, is there any reason to continue past the 15 bunnies I found?

    Thanks again!
  19. The more I explore this event, the more I think that this may be the most incredible thing BT has ever built. I cannot believe the scale--amazing job to you all. I can't imagine how much this took!!
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  20. I can't figure out how to get into the event. The teleport at /games doesn't seem to do anything.

    If it's closed and I missed out, at least update the signage. Been busy with taxes and haven't been able to play much until now.