Chocolate Bunny

Aug 6, 2017
Chocolate Bunny
  • Chocolate Bunny

    Type: Egg
    Released: April 15th, 2017
    Update: Event Item
    Obtained by: Completion of the Easter Village Story Mode
    Attributes: Soulbound
    Lore: Happy Easter with Chocolate Bunnies
    The Chocolate Bunny became available on April 15, 2017, during Empire Minecraft's Easter Valley Event (thread).

    It was obtained during the event's Story Mode by creating a chocolate bunny with milk and cocoa and then giving it to the Easter Bunny's Assistant. After climbing the huge tree and meeting the Easter Bunny, it offers the Chocolate Bunny to the player as a reward for their help in the Easter Village.

    Upon spawning the egg, the baby bunny will always have brown skin. If a player attempts to eggify the bunny, the lore and attributes of the egg will disappear.

    A non-promo version of the item was obtainable due to a minor bug in the map.

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