Tabled Suggestions for Future Discussion

Sep 26, 2018
Tabled Suggestions for Future Discussion
  • Sometimes players may suggest something that sounds like something EMC could add, but that current limitations or coding complication may prevent the suggestion from being fully accepted/rejected until further discussion is completed. Below is a list of all suggestions that are currently tabled for future discussion. A link is included to the original thread for reference in the future discussion:

    Economy Suggestions(top)

    Residence Suggestions(top)

    • Spawning peaceful mobs in Town again - link
    • /v playername takes you to res on that server, regardless of number - link
    • Entity limit priorities - link
    • Add color coding to message signs - link
    • Tag visit improvements - link
    • Rentable event center - link
    • Adding scenery/greenery to Town border - link
    • Mob pets that follow you around - link
    • /entcount all (listing types) - link

    Server Suggestions(top)

    • Creative Server - link

    Site and forums Suggestions(top)

    • Enabling and disabling shop signs from site -link
    • Ability to save threads/messages for viewing later - link
    • Sound Cloud integration - link
    • QuoteMe -link
    • Searchable rupee history - link
    • /p lookup on site -link
    • Expanded highest posting members list - link
    • Liking status comments -link
    • Tagging players in posts with @ - link
    • Token leaderboard - link
    • Automate supporter vouchers - link
    • Daily log-in bonus - link
    • Blocking players from messaging/posting on your threads/statuses - link
    • Setting home server on forums - link
    • Set player activity status on forums - link

    Senior Staff Services Suggestions(top)

    Miscellaneous Suggestions(top)

    • Leaderboards at PvP - link
    • Horses and Horse Arenas in PvP -link
    • PvP Lucky Dip (Random Item Buy Chests) -link
    • Vaulting Heads between Games Server and Regular server -link
    • Shooting shiny arrows last - link
    • Invisible potions that only make you invisible to mobs -link
    • Books readable in chests -link
    • Storing villager data -link
    • Make stone slab 44:7 available with wand -link
    • Staff livestream Dragon Tomb Arrival for Charity - link
    • Nameplates for your group members persistent behind blocks - link
    • Protect player-spawned villagers - link
    EMC has many features to take advantage of that revolve around certain aspects of multiplayer Minecraft.

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