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  1. So I was looking for info I use often, and suddenly find the Wiki page has been changed. And lots of the useful info is gone.

    Why did you completely remove some of the info?

    I can see why you'd add the new page, it's helpful to newbies. But you've completely removed lots of useful info.

    Please put the original page back in there somehow.
  2. I think it is all there, but just filtered into new sections. The sections were made to be easier to navigate for new members especially. Sure, it will be different for current members, but it has been changed for a while now and is something you will just have to get used to.
  3. I won't comment on whether the new page is better for new members, as my opinion there is irrelevant. I am not a new member.

    IMO, the new page is very un-helpful to me. And I will be using the list above to get to the pages I refer to often.

    Perhaps I didn't look at he new page long enough, but I saw no links to the old info there at all. Though the pages still exist, there is no link to them in the wiki. (Now that I say that, I think I'd better take a copy of the pages before they are removed also).
  4. Just took a quick read of it... I'll try to say this respectfully, as someone has very kindly put some time and effort into helping the community with their wiki work. And for that I am grateful.

    - It needs to be re-written to be more easily readable in some parts. (Some grammatical errors also need fixing).
    - The light blue text is harder to read than normal. Please change it.
    - Please include link to the old Empire Guide page near the top for us 'old members' who don't need that blurb, but need the condensed info version there used to be.

  5. I noticed that it had been changed yesterday. Like you, I couldn't access some of the pages I was looking for. When I saw the new wiki page(s), I just thought someone had started to write a new-member friendly version, and had forgotten to add the other links / just hadn't added the other links in yet.
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  6. Your orinal post. is well, a tad bit confusing. the blue does seem a bit hard to read. I will personally review it tomorrow when I wake up. As for those links. They are all still there. Look to the right.
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  7. I find it confusing as well. I get that the point was likely to reduce clutter and such, but now I just avoid using it as much as I can. When I went to look for the RTS feature, I couldn't even find it in the new wiki, so I ended up going through Justin's post history. I now see that it is categorized under "Feature signs". I would never have thought to look under that, and I doubt many new players would. It would be a shame if the new wiki reorganization were to just cause more confusion, and thus more players asking simple questions in the chat.

    I feel as if a "tags" feature would be very helpful.
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  8. - Link the pages and they'll be fixed up straight away :)
    - Any suggestions for a replacement? Currently I find light blue as easy as white, but if people have issues reading it, there's no problems with changing it.
    - What are you referring to? The Empire Guide is linked on the main Wiki page.

    As for links being removed, this page is magical for any unlisted or miscellaneous posts. I did notice that Flags were missing from the Empire Guide sidebar - as Residences is its parent page - but Flags are pretty important so that should be changed, any others?

    I agree that if a page isn't categorised, it makes it very hard for people to see it, so I'm working on a mock-up layout to show to Aikar and see if anything can be done to make everything easier.
  9. The pages that were removed are basically what was listed in the "Pages List" Wiki page. The same one you provided a link too. It's the list that used to be on the Empire Guide page. But now there is no mention of them, or link to them anywhere except in the "Pages List".

    I thought the normal white text was just fine. And can still be seen on every other wiki page. :)

    I get the feeling this new Empire Guide wiki page is a work-in-progress. I'd suggest finishing it and links to other revamped pages before putting it into the wiki live. ATM, IMO, the wiki is broken.
  10. Oh, they have been moved to the 'Wiki Navigation' Window on the right. I see what you mean...

    I do not like this change. But as I'm the only one, I'll leave it alone. :) I can make my own page of links.

    EDIT: If any staff/wiki staff has a copy of the old wiki page EMpire Guide. Can you please send me it? Thanks.
  11. Only a small portion of the pages on the list were on the original Empire Guide page, and all of them can be found as sub-pages to other Empire Guide pages :) Little has changed there.
    The text is fairly important and we'd like to highlight it (I'm assuming that's the reason for the colouring) and if it's white people are more likely to skip a massive block of text. I'll leave that to Jack/Aikar :)
    I think the main goal is making it as easy for new players as possible to get playing and know how to do it. But as I've said I'm definitely keen to make it easier to view miscellaneous pages :)
  12. The Wiki navigation has always been there, and the list at the top was a clone of that data.

    I removed the list because it takes up so much of the page, making it impossible to even see the content of the page initially... New members would likely click one of those links before even noticing theres a reason for that page.

    Since its the exact same links, please just use the ones on the right instead of top, its as simple as moving the mouse a little bit more :) It's not a good idea to duplicate the navigation that was already there, and essentially hide the content the page was intended for.

    As for grammar and color, feel free to make suggestions there and the wiki team and mods can fix it up.