Rules and Moderation

Feb 15, 2017
Rules and Moderation

  • Our Staff and Our Mission(top)

    Our staff members are specially selected and trained to perform to the best of their abilities and they follow a set of guidelines. However, they are still human and not robots. It is impossible for all of them to enact identical punishments because every situation or report is a little bit different. They will never tell you or ask you to do something unreasonable and are here to help players. Staff directions are to be followed at all times. If you have a problem with the way a situation/report is handled, please contact the Community Manager Support System at

    The Empire Minecraft Rules, including any addendum (sub-page), apply to all areas and media used by EMC. They should be followed at all times and should not be used as strict limitations of what you can get away with or bend to your needs. If a staff member notices that you are continually bordering on the line of breaking the rules, they may take action even if you didn’t completely cross the line.

    Our mission is to have fun and create lasting memories on Empire Minecraft. There are numerous ways to play, whether you want to focus on mob hunting, Frontier exploration, being a major player in the economy, etc. On EMC, you get to Play Your Way! Our rules are in place so that everyone can enjoy their time on the Empire. Do your best to follow these rules and we can all focus on having FUN, like we're meant to.

    Empire Minecraft Rules(top)

    1. No Griefing or Stealing Anywhere on EMC

    • If it is not yours, then do not touch it without permission. This applies to ALL worlds and areas of the Empire.
    • Do not break another player’s blocks/creations (aka griefing). If you are caught doing so, you will be banned.
    • Never steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player container in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another player’s lot. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned.

    2. No Hacking, Cheating or Exploiting in Any Manner

    • For a list of Approved Mods and Regulations for Approved Mods, visit the Using Mods on the Empire section in the wiki.
    • Do not use any mods or game bugs that give an advantage over other players.
      This includes any aspect that allows you to see through walls in any manner, such as X-ray texture packs, cave finder, radar, block glitches, etc. This also includes any modifications that allow you to move, jump or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings, and any game glitch or exploit that gives you an unfair advantage of any kind over other players.
    • All exploits are included. Example: If you use a server side bug to turn dirt into diamonds, then this will be considered exploiting, and you will be punished. If you find a bug, report it as soon as possible to the Staff.
    • Automating actions, including - but not limited to - using auto-clickers, is legal as long as you are not AFK while doing so and the ability does not exceed normal play ability. Kill auras, fast-clicking, etc are NOT normal play ability. You must be aware, and able to respond to staff and Minecraft at all times.
    • If you are caught cheating you will face punishment deemed appropriate by the Staff. In the case of Illegal mods, all accounts that you have access to will be banned. Do not cheat and you will not have to worry about this. If you are unsure whether a certain activity is allowed, ask the Staff.

    3. Do Not Harm or Attempt to Harm Other Players

    • No form of PVP is allowed on any server. Killing another player will result in a permanent ban. This includes any indirect methods of harming another player.
    • Note: This rule does not apply in SMP6's PvP Arenas, at /v pvp, or at specific events geared toward PvP and run by the Staff.

    4. Do Not Scam or Attempt to Scam Other Players

    • This includes the abuse of mistakes on shop signs, trying to cheat players out of their items, failing to deliver paid-for items, etc.
    • Lotteries are disallowed on the Empire due to their ability as a source of many scams.
    • Do not create games or events that are not possible. This is defined by the Staff as a type of scam.
    • If you have a question about what might constitute a scam, contact the Staff.

    5. Keep Chat Family Friendly & Follow All Chat Rules

    • The overview is listed below and explained more thoroughly on the Chat Rules addendum page. You are expected to follow these rules at all times. If you have a question about the limitations, please ask the Staff.
    • Do Not Spam
    • Do Not Be Rude
    • Do Not Beg
    • Do Not Harass Other Players
    • Do Not Curse/Use Inappropriate Language
    • Do Not Talk About Inappropriate Subjects

    Additional Server Rules

    Intentionally causing public drama is not allowed.

    • Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed. Anyone participating in public drama via threads, pictures, videos or any of EMC’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and in-game Chat, will face consequences, as determined by Staff.
    • Publicly stating that you are cheating or breaking the rules as a joke is a form of causing public drama. If you state that you are breaking the rules, you will be punished for the rule you are stating breakage of.
    Intentionally or un-intentionally sharing word about other servers is not allowed.
    • Anyone naming other servers via threads, pictures, videos or any of EMC’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and in-game Chat, will face consequences up to and including a permanent ban from in-game and/or forums.
    • See the addendum for more details: Server Advertising is Not Allowed
    Do not use compromised/hacked accounts.
    • The use of compromised accounts is disallowed on the Empire. Any IP associated with compromised accounts will be banned along with possible individual account bans.
    • If your own account becomes compromised, please report it to a staff member to be temp-banned for your own protection.
    • Be wary when utilizing any accounts that you did not purchase directly from Mojang/Microsoft. Accounts gained from MC account sharing sites may not be used.
    Do not post misleading links on the Forums and in-game.
    • E.g "Free Rupees here" to a completely un-related Site.
    RMT (real money trading) is strictly prohibited.
    • Any attempt to use our forums or in-game communication to buy or sell any item outside of the Empire Minecraft Community (including, but not limited to, Minecraft accounts and Steam games) will result in a severe punishment. Any attempt to sell in-game items or currency for real world currency is not allowed. Do not get involved in such transactions.
    • For clarification, the following types of transactions are NOT allowed:
      • Rupees exchanging for real world item
      • Real world money exchanging for in-game items
      • Real world money exchanging for in-game currency
      • Real world money exchanging for real world items
    • The following transactions ARE allowed:
      • Free giveaways of real world items
      • Rupees exchanging for signature graphics, avatars, etc that will be used on EMC forums
    This is a family server. Keep activities/builds family friendly.
    • No nude/near nude/inappropriate character skins.
    • Don't build illegal structures on your residence or in the wild. This includes but is not limited to sexually indicative builds or activities related to drugs.
    Loaning and Banks are not Moderated and are participated with at your own risk.
    Selling residence permissions without unclaiming the residence is disallowed.
    • You may not sell individual perms to a residence, such as allowing people to have access to move, build, use, container, etc in exchange for Rupees. Selling access to certain rooms of a build, as in a hotel or farm, is allowed. However, you must make it clear to the buyer that they are purchasing access signs to that room and not to residence Flags.
    Attempting to bypass any rules or moderation action is not allowed.
    • Doing so could result in increased punishment by a staff member.
    Do not negatively troll other players.
    • We're all up for a joke, but when people start getting upset, it's no longer funny. If you are reported, the issue is no longer a joke, regardless of initial intent.
    Please do not reveal the location of a wild base or outpost that you don't own.
    • Doing so will result in consequence. Ask the owner for permission.
    Paypal chargebacks will result in a permanent ban.
    • If you need to contest a charge from Empire Minecraft, please message a CommunityManager.
    Do not ask for other player's personal (IRL) details.
    • The Empire is a place for players of all ages to play and feel safe. If someone asks you for your information, do not give it out. Report the action to a staff member immediately.


    The following aren't rules, but you'll gain respect quickly if you follow them.
    • When harvesting wood in the wild, if you take the bottom blocks of wood from a tree, take all of them.
    • After chopping down a tree, replant a few of the saplings you gathered.
    • If you build a column of blocks to access a high place, remove it when you are done if possible (do not worry about it too much in the Nether if it’s too dangerous).
    • Be aware of personal space. Even though this is a game and your avatar is not you, be polite and do not run into people or get in their face unnecessarily, just like you wouldn't in real life.
    • If a player kindly asks you to stop doing something because it bothers them, then you should stop and respect their wishes. Staff may get involved if the situation calls for it.

    Conflict Resolution(top)

    Resolve any conflicts quickly and with compassion for others. If a moderator has to step in to resolve a conflict, all parties involved may find themselves having a time-out from the Empire Minecraft server network. If someone is violating one of the rules, privately tell one of the moderators or use the /report feature, according to what fits best. False claims of rule violation will result in the claimant being punished.

    Reporting Players(top)

    It is possible to report players in-game. Your report is sent to the staff for review. To report a player, use/report [name] [reason]. For example, /report Krysyy flying/illegal mods. Do not abuse the report system, or you will face consequences.

    If your issue is too big to fit into the Chat, or requires evidence such as a screenshot, or further explanation, then it's best to contact a staff member via PM on the Site.

    For a more in-depth guide on Reporting, and examples, visit the Reporting Guide and Reporting Examples pages at

    *Note: The above video is slightly out of date, so rule numbers may not coincide with the written rules.
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