Server Advertising is Not Allowed

Dec 9, 2015
Server Advertising is Not Allowed
  • There are multiple types of server advertising, and none of which are allowed publicly in-game or on the EMC forums.

    You may not advertise a server or an IP under any circumstances.

    From this point onwards, any type of advertising in a public place will be considered a rule break. You may not:
    • Post threads stating that people can PM you for the IP to a private server.
    • Publicly post any IP on the forums.
    • Share IPs in-game in any public Chat channel. Public Chat channels are: Town, Economy, Local, Residence, Group and Supporter.
    • Talk about other servers on the EMC forums, or in-game.
    • Ask others to play on other public servers with you, with or without stating the IP. For example, you may not say things such as "Come and play with me on ub3rc00lserva!" in public Chat.
    • PM or /tell random people with IPs for servers.
    • Send unsolicited messages in any form to other players.
    If you wish to play with your friends from EMC on a private server, you may do so privately. Keep all talk of this server in forum PMs and /tells (although, do not send out private invites). Do not talk about it in a public Chat channel.

    The only exception to this rule is stated in Hosting Off-Server EMC Events.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in your thread being locked, and possible moderation action against your account.

    Please follow the simple and fair EMC rules derived from our professional staff team.

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