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    And Introducing Empire Graphics Guild (EGG)

    Since there is no art section on the forums, avatar/signature/skin/youtube art contests can be scattered across the forums and new members don’t really know whom to go to when they want to request a signature, avatar or skin.

    There are already lovely art threads by Green_Mystery and Maxarias, where you can find and show all art related things, like fan art, but in this thread I will try to give an overview of all things related to EMC specific graphics and ‘introduce’ the members (and their ‘shops’) who create graphics as a service for the EMC community. These graphics can be avatars, signatures, Youtube banners, etc.

    I hope this will be a handy thread for the newer members (and the older ones too, of course :p) who are looking for an image or a skin, or if you’re thinking about making some graphics for the community. (In that case send me a message, we’re more than willing to help you and we’re always looking forward to new artists!)

    Possible Graphic Products: Avatars, Signatures, Skins (we need people for that lol), Youtube Channel Art, anything else?
    (will be updated along the way, always open for suggestions :))
    Best Minecraft Servers
    Best Minecraft Servers
    Best Minecraft Servers
    Best Minecraft Servers
    (Current contests and open requests are listed so that anyone who wants to enter a contest or do a request sometimes, can find one here easily.)
    [Updated 31 March 2014]
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  3. Maybe I can do some. I started learning a bit how to do graphic stuff. My sig is something I tried and I guess game out well. Also I do have a contest for youtube art that. Maybe you could put on...
  4. Aw, thanks for adding my thread, I know that my renders won't be graphics exactly, but I hope that they can help other make theirs :)
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  5. So many people have such amazing skill at art :)
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  6. I've edited the rest of the content in the other two posts, because there was only so much information I was allowed to post in the first one. >.< (Scroll up :p)

    Cool, I'll try to find the link to your contest. :) If you ever want to make a tutorial for paint.net that would be welcome too :p
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  7. I can do skins!
    Uhh also, could I get a Letter added over my avatar?
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  8. Ill work on it ;)
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  9. I'm very proud to be a part of this guild :D

    Like Palm said, I hope we can help new and old members find art and graphics! :p
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  11. Cool :) And yes, I'll make a letter over your avatar next time I have Photoshop open :p
    I won't be having a lot of time the coming weeks for extensive drawings, but I'll try to find time for this. :)
    Haha, only if you have time! Don't feel pressured or anything. I forgot to say that your sig turned out quite nice :) Did you use Legend's tutorial by any chance? >.<
    Thanks for the link, it's in there :)
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  12. Naw I didn't. Was just fiddling with the effects and stuff
  13. *coughcough*
    *insert self-plug here*
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  14. Awesome. Thanks for inviting me to this wonderful opportunity!
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  15. hmm... this thread hasn't had much activity....
    Teh Bumps
  16. i want an image for my youtube...

    an image with myself in the middle a giant(momentus) on left side and marlix on right side with a lightning/storm background :D
  17. We aren't currently taking requests, sorry
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