Skins Delivered 2 You!

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  1. Hello everybody of EMC! I am looking to make your skin better or make a completely new skin all together!
    I am looking to get 775r for an improvement and 875r for a new skin all together.

    Order Form Example:
    IGN: mailman31401
    New/Improved: New
    Idea: Cyborg Ninja

    Please order just like this,
    The mailman ;)
  2. Bump, i tried to post some examples but i dont know how so could please somebody tell me, (then you can see my skill!)
  3. To post examples, give us the link to the skin page OR post the skins image on here.
  4. Im having troubles posting them here plees would tell me how to do it?
  5. Can we get the link?
  6. There not on a website there me and my friends private
  7. Use to upload them.
  8. K cant today i will tommorrow
  9. IGN: FireHose_Dragon
    New/Improved: New
    Idea: Dragon with a hose as it's tail.
  10. I can get it done tommorrow but i cant charge my laptop at the moment so i will get it done ASAP
  11. Skydragon r u thinking of getting a skin of me?
  12. Yes. I would like to see some examples first.
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  13. Ok ive got an idea for your name and ill post firehose_dragon's after im finished should be tonigh at some point.
  14. Example of past work?
  15. Some examples of my previous work, enjoy! Also If You give me your player head with your new skin, i will deduct 100r of the price, Thanks!
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  16. Nice work:)
  17. IGN: Jcplugs
    New/Improved: New
    Idea:This dog as a skin ^3^ He has a stub for a tail so you don't have to worry about that haha; Just make it a white puff I suppose
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  18. It's sooo cute! <3
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