Skins Delivered 2 You!

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  1. Bumbbumdpedydump
  2. When can I expect my skin?
  3. Probs max 2 days but probaly today/tomorrow sometime
  4. It's already been a week, did you mean two more days or two days from order
  5. Two more days i cant find a good pigman to make the head for and its quite complex making a skin half pig when it already is
  6. Plus i have been very busy these past few days like sorting out mine and rabies' youtube channel.
  7. So when can I expect this, it's been at least a month now.
  8. Its my time to close this buisness because i need to have fun aswell and its way to busy
  9. This irritates me, I waited an incredibly long time for what I hoped would be a great skin!
    Obviously almost every skin maker here stops after they get a few orders.
    I will not be using any services you make in the future.
  10. Im now in asocciation with porphis so go check out his thread about 1.8 skins
  11. Who's porphis?
  12. IGN: Reindeer_ (However I will probably use it on my GizmoMoPower or BooterPower account)
    New/Improved: Improved
    Idea: Basically just my skin now but with a tux, please keep the scarf :)
  13. IGN: spidey329
    New/Improved: Improved
    Idea: make it like this skin right now, but make the red hoodie part (it looks blue in this pic) make it look like a creeper :)
    EDIT: nevermind, just saw the post your closeing up shop