Drawings c: (And an introduction)

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  1. Hai EMC!
    Some of you might now me from the few forums I've posted on, but not many
    So I've decided to make a little introduction forum (along with a drawing requests page, I guess)

    As you can see Im an artist c: I can draw most things, but Im best at minecraft skins and youtubers
    I play Transformice, Minecraft and Roblox :p
    I'm terrified of big spiders, bees and wasps :c
    I love to make new friends :D
    And I think thats about it, feel free to ask anything (If anyone reads this)

    Moving on, Im taking drawing requests ^_^
    They're all free by the way :p
    I'll post most of my drawings I do here, so you guys can have a look at them if you want c:

    For Minecraft characters:
    IGN (case sensitive):
    Want to be holding something (If yes, what?):
    Want any mobs/charachers/youtubers in it?:
    For youtbers I just need the name of the youtubers and I'll have it done asap c:
    Drawings usually take me 1-3 hours depending on what it is, I'll post as soon as they're done though :D

    Thanks for reading~!
  2. I know you... because of a picture. And it scares me. because my minecraft skin happens to be me... and it scared me...
  3. Hey, nice to meet you! What server do you play on?

    Anyways if you don't mind,
    Item: carrot
    EDIT: no volcano

    Hope you enjoy EMC!
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  4. SMP4 :D

    Thanks, I'll start it now c:
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  5. IGN:canuckshockey
    Other people:Ethoslab(make him holding a block of TNT)
    Background:Whatever you want
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  6. IGN: <----- (RainbowChin :p)
    Want to be holding something: A bow
    Want any mobs/charachers/youtubers in it?: Yep, Yogscast, Lewis and Simon
    Skins of them here and here
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  7. just so you guys can see the work

    not because i like the picture, but I feel it is fair...

  8. You love it really, Smooch :p
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  9. There, I fixed your post for you :p
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  10. Hope you like ^^'
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  11. IGN: BilboBaggins23
    Item: Nothing
    Background: Surprise me :p
    Nice to meet you! :)
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  12. IGN. Tinkerbell28
    Surprise me with anything!
    And welcome to emc and smp4, also my home!
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  13. OMG it's absolutely AMAZING
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  14. Oh btw that is now my profile pic on the forums :3
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  15. Hai Der ^.^

    Background: Trees or just Brown and Green :D
    Holding: Poke Ball
    Any Mobs or YouTubers: Toon Link and Heracross (The Pokemon) :3
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  16. IGN (case sensitive): PenguinDJ
    Want to be holding something (If yes, what?): An iron sword
    Want any mobs/charachers/youtubers in it?: A creeper on the right and a skeleton on the left. If you could make the skeleton's bow enchanted that'd be amazing!

    If you could, please make the background blue! Thanks so much!

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  17. No problem! :D
  18. IGN: boozle628
    Item: Wooden Sword
    Background: nothing specific

    Tip for when you are on EMC:

    If you ever become an admin, NEVER trust Icecreamcow to do something not involving TNT.
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  19. Welcome! I've seen you around the forums I believe but not really in game :(. I hope you enjoy your time here on EMC :D

    IGN (case sensitive): PandasEatRamen
    Want to be holding something (If yes, what?): Bamboo \o3o/
    Want any mobs/characters/youtubers in it?: Slime cube
    Background: Blue and Purple :D
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  20. Hey there :)

    IGN: o0_Jetfire_0o

    Item: Holding a pig above my head ;) (pig upside down)

    Background: black

    Thanks :)

    Can you not use my current skin in it please? Just make it look like me which is; medium dirty blond hair combed to the side (like darksuperlords in a way) and slab a bit of a me gusta face on me XD
    Thanks again :)
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