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Dec 22, 2014
Jul 8, 2012
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Prominent Member, Female, from Indiana

To all my friends, I love you and will miss you very much. Thank you for all of your support over the last couple of years. Stay in touch =) Dec 4, 2013

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Dec 22, 2014
    1. chickeneer
      For anyone that remembers tinkerbell28; she passed away recently. I know she had been fighting cancer for the past several years. Those are the only details I know, will reply here if I see more.
      1. We3_MPO
        I just saw this. I feel horrible for her family and friends though. :(
        Oct 18, 2017
      2. Apocryphan
        I just came to remember where it all began, she will be forever in my heart, I miss her so much right now.
        Oct 20, 2017
      3. Roslyn
        Just noticed this and I am sad :(
        Dec 1, 2017
    2. Bro_im_infinite
      i love your signature xD
    3. Tigerstar
      She online!
      1. FreakedOut
        Yeah, I still check the forums :)
        Mar 18, 2014
    4. pererfamily4l
      tinker let me have one of your heads plz for my wall
      1. 5weety likes this.
      2. 5weety
        I want a head too. My Bob head looks so lonely all by itself. Better still, come back to emc...I miss you :C
        Jan 20, 2014
    5. pererfamily4l
      hey tinker is perer, i heard your gone but still come and go, i wanted to know if i can use your farms becasue my res got reset and i have to start from scratch. just wondering. thanks
    6. jrlizard
      Hi tink..long time no speak.
      1. Gorin
        She left us D:
        Dec 6, 2013
      2. jrlizard
        I know this, I posted this when she was on and I haven't talked to her for a while.
        Dec 7, 2013
    7. jacob5089
      It's been nice getting to know you tink :)
      Good luck wherever you go and with your health.
    8. FreakedOut
      To all my friends, I love you and will miss you very much. Thank you for all of your support over the last couple of years. Stay in touch =)
      1. MintyJinkers
        Are, are you leavin' us? D:
        Dec 4, 2013
      2. Kephras
        Good health and fortune, Tink. Best wishes wherever you end up. o7
        Dec 4, 2013
      3. Hashhog
        I'll miss you, tink. Good luck, no matter what you choose to do or where you choose to go. But we'll still miss you.
        Dec 6, 2013
    9. Olaf_C
      I saw what you did for twitch. I am also trying my hardest to raise some money for him. Just when I am about to loose faith in humanity people like you come along restore it. Thanks for being such a great person in the EMC community.
      1. hashhog3000 and tinkerbell28 like this.
    10. Apocryphan
      Poop, how've ya been?
      1. hashhog3000 likes this.
      2. FreakedOut
        Battling headaches.... how are you?
        Oct 17, 2013
    11. chickeneer
      Hey, Hey. Congrats! :D
      1. FreakedOut
        Official last night
        Sep 16, 2013
    12. Apocryphan
      did you happen to see my phone while packing? i woke up and couldnt find it, and my friends didnt care enough to try and help me, and i think my insurance card was in that mail i had you hold for me... so i will need that mailed to me at some point, hope you had a good time, it was great meeting you irl.
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      2. FreakedOut
        You should still go to the doctor! have you call Verizon, and reported your phone missing?
        Sep 10, 2013
      3. Apocryphan
        hi, first time on since, phone is ordered, no, i didnt cancel it because the phone has a lock code and uses all 9 for max randomness, foot was fine after a little vodka to thin the blood and sleeping with it raised, i only missed 2 days so i'll survive =), and i have your hammer, how much for it? i wanted one anyways so i'll buy you a new one
        Sep 15, 2013
      4. FreakedOut
        Ummmm so not worried about the contrabanned hammer. I'm glad your foot is okay. Let me know when you get your phone in. I miss talking to you poop. I have something I want to tell you but I'm not gonna post it on my wall. So if you get a chance to use a phone and call me that would be amazing, as its really important
        Sep 15, 2013
    13. ob1bob69
      Kissy face, kissy face, sour face. Hey did you drink a cherry limeade?
      1. tinkerbell28 likes this.
    14. jrlizard
      Hey :D
      1. tinkerbell28 likes this.
    15. jrlizard
      I admit defeat to the terrible monster named Bad Wi-Fi.. I'll talk to you tomorrow if you see this tonight.
      1. tinkerbell28 likes this.
    16. Tazri
      Congratulations! :)
      1. tinkerbell28 likes this.
      2. FreakedOut
        Thank you!
        Aug 13, 2013
    17. jrlizard
      long time no speak
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