Where Do I get PhotoShop or something like it?

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  1. Sorry if I am being derpy here but yeah, where can I try/get for free Photoshop or something like it?
    If you can show me a good one very big thank you to you.
    Thank you Empire ^.^
  2. Hey, now, we don't talk about that stuff here.
    Just get paint.net, because it's free and awesome.
  3. I dont know if any of those have, but do any of them have a feature that you can like take a photo from somewhere and put it on. So like lets say Obama riding a unicorn with a rainbow in the back, and other things like that?
  4. That can be done in Paint.net, I'd say so, yes, but it's not simple, it requires you to be an expert at photoshop/paint.
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  5. I would try pixlr. Its a great editing tool and has some cool effects and stuff you can use
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  6. I agree, when I can't get to my desktop for Photoshop, I use pixlr on my laptop and its great!
  7. gimp is fun :)
  8. GIMP look's like its unfinished..
  9. My digital design teacher told us he hates photoshop so he taught us alot with GIMP and once you get used to it is great lol.
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  10. Gimp installed some weird stuff on my laptop. Mommy Im scared.
    Anyways, I dont even know if Gimp installed even. So I will try this Paint.net thing now :D
  11. http://www.dotpdn.com/files/Paint.NET.3.5.11.Install.zip

    Direct link to paint without clicking through OVER90000! pages
  12. ^agree... I use paint for any Photoshopping :)
  13. I am playing with Paint right now
    Screenshot (6).png
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  14. just dont download over 120 plugins for paint .net its laggy when it loads
  15. GIMP looks unfinished because it's free software, but it's still very good.

    Like others have said, paint is a good alternative.
    You can also legally download trials of Adobe Photoshop (both the CS versions, and the Elements versions).
    Or, you can legally download Adobe Photoshop CS2. It's "old", but it has all the features you'll need and tons more.
  16. I was wondering what would happen if I clicked the red "X" on the color and the other thing. Now I dont know to get it back?
  17. Check under the "window" or "view" menu tabs at the top. They will have the option to bring those windows back.
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  18. Thanks!
  19. For some reason with the backround thing it just puts these little dots now. I need more help :I