EMC Official Art Thread

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  1. I've checked around and I've noticed EMC is seriously lacking in a proper Art thread. I'll do us some justice in establishing EMC's first ever official Art Thread.

    Thread Information:
    • All mediums of art (ink, pencil, digital, photos, 3D, Animations, origami, sculptures) are accepted.
    • Constructive criticisms only please (be nice to fellow memebers).
    • A five-minute MS Paint drawing is UNACCEPTABLE and will be deleted.
    • Stealing other people's art and claiming it as your own is absolutely wrong, and if you're found out, moderation will take action against you.
    • This list may be changed at any time.
  2. For promotional purposes, and because art is awesome, the silliest picture posted in the next 24 hours will get 5k rupees. I have to say, Spengebab is going to hold down 1st place pretty well. I love your drawings, Green!
  3. Looks like you are talented. Great pieces! :)P.S I like the3rd pic the best, cause Patrick looks like he ate too many patties... :D Oh yes...It's Fatrik...lol
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  5. This is very epic, my best drawing...NO ONE can can beat this...BOSS!
    Don't delete this is my best work...I promise.P.S, I can't draw...(This took 6 MINUTES!)...not 5... :D
  6. I love his hat. He's adorable.
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  7. Why thank you, his hat took the longest...:D
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  9. I dig the holly in place of the crows nest. Not gonna lie.
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  10. I drew a whole heap of drawings a couple of years ago I'll try to find the drawing book and upload a few pics :)
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  11. Does 3D art count? I'm planning on making a 3D EMC logo! :D
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  12. Sure does. :)
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  13. my camera takes amazing photos, this one has to be my favorite one i took last summer, i cannot wait for this summer to come around and i can take more. i am into photography, i have my own business, and website. <3 <3 my camera. =] enjoy.

  14. Just a question that should be considered: Who's supplying the 5k?
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  15. I am!
  16. and here is another<3 i like to draw. apparently.

  17. i think i am going to donate another 10k to this quick 24 hour prize pool ;)
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