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  1. oh wow that looks so real!! ^_^ that is amazing! :D
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  2. Woah, that is indeed amazing!
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  3. http://imgur.com/gallery/QQWPQAr
    Well, I figured I might as well post this here rather than at my comic thread, particularly because it's not a comic and rather art. I use Microsoft Paint with a Wacom Intuos tablet for anyone wondering :p
  4. omg I love this! ^_^ thanks for sharing!!
    especially the part where i'm in there munching on a poptart (sorry poptart! >_<)
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  5. I drew a couple frogs swing dancing earlier today, and then I painted them with watercolors. :)
  6. So nice. :) With a little more refinement and digitalisation it would look like something out of a bestselling children's picture book.
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  7. Thanks! :D I've been considering writing a children's book with frogs, lol.

    Also, for fun, here is the digital version ;)
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  8. That's great!
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  9. Much better watercolour than what i could do :p
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  10. I did charcoal drawing with my study association!

    Most of it is on the front of the sheet: After contemplating for a minute or two, I started by scribbling in the bottom right corner to feel how it felt, and then drew Piwi three times to get into it. Then I started drawing video game characters (using sprites as references). After the Yoshi turned out derpier than it was supposed to, I decided to draw a fat Wario instead of a regular Wario, so it couldn't accidentally turn out derpy. :p After that I pretty much started with the easiest character on my video game character canvas and kept on going until the hardest. I'm very glad I attempted the challenge of drawing a 3D character. :D After this I had the top left corner still open, but I couldn't draw a full character there in fear of it getting too close to Luigi's cap. Someone suggested Shy Guy, and I came across a Fly Guy instead, which seemed to fit nice anyway.

    While I was finishing this someone switched the jazz that was playing to an anime blind test, and I thought to myself that the only anime I had watched is Alfred J Kwak (spoken Dutch originally, but the animation is Japanese). So I decided to try to draw him! After looking up a reference I thought it might perhaps be a little too simple, but then I realised that was actually a good thing, as I wouldn't have to worry about lots of details but could instead focus on getting the shapes and dimensions right. And it turned out amazing! :D

    After Alfred, I decided it would be fitting to also draw Calimero. :)

    I can't remember how I managed to make the crack in his shell with a thinner line than the rest. :confused: But it's so much thinner than most of the rest that I feel like I did it intentionally. :p Or I just got lucky. ;)

    It's surprising what someone who doesn't draw can create, right? :D The characters are not only recognisable, but most look pretty good - especially the cartoon characters, but also some of the video game ones.
  11. I saw a few different piwi drawings, nice~
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  12. I want to post here to show the progress I've made since I was active in the server.

    Around 8 years ago:

    And here's now:
  13. Wow! That's incredible! It looks like it could easily be a character in a game like the Elder Scrolls series.
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  14. I was inspired by the argonians, yep
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  15. Here is a drawing I did a while back of Skittylicense05. Im hoping that I can do more, and get better results
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