(Service)Skin Making

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  1. Ok so since the servers are down i have decided to make some skins... comment what you want me to make for you... all skins that i do will cost 1500 rupees
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  2. Make me a Cyborg teddybear if it is amazing I ill pay double the price!
  3. in a suit? I think that would look sick
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  4. EVERYTHING looks better in a suit!
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  5. Oooooh
    I want a polar bear in a white suit with an orange tie and a white undershirt
  6. polar bears are white... maybe a gray suit?
  7. Or a brown bear :)
  8. ok
  9. Hey, can i get a llama in a suit with glowing red eyes?
  10. kk ill try that
  11. just finished your skin... ill pm u a link to it when its saved
  12. should i try it w/ a polar bear?
  13. No do brown bear
  14. ok
  15. Hey Guys... if u do use these skins... can i get ur heads in game?
  16. Sure thing, I do a head trade thing, you give me your head I give you mine ;)
  17. Yes u can
  18. here is a veiw of ur skin.. might be a bit till MC novaskin processes it

    apply to minecraft now

    edit: or u could just use that link:p
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  19. apply to minecraft now
    Is that good?
  20. I want a skin that has anything on it. Try make it a Male.
    Will pay tomorrow :D