[Guide] Making a Basic 3D Player Signature

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  1. Hey all,
    After all the awesome and kind feedback on my first signature tutorial, I've decided to start making another tutorial. This one will be about creating a signature with your player skin in a 3D pose, and I'll be teaching you all about the different ways to make it blend in with a background and make it fit in. For those who are wondering, I'm using Adobe After Effects - but any program is fine. So, without further ado, let's begin!

    Step 1: Acquire a background image.
    From my first tutorial, I mentioned some of the nice angles to get a picture; trees, grass, water, some nice natural terrain, maybe even a lens flare. I'll be using the image below. For this tutorial, a closeup photo will work well. If you're struggling to get a photo, I have a photography thread here which you can get images - the link is also in my signature. Also, photo credit must be given to me if you use images from that thread.

    Step 2: Create a canvas.
    This part is pretty easy to do, I'll be using a 720x150 pixel canvas, but you can always change that! When that's done, add your background image in.

    Step 3: Go to NovaSkin to create a model.
    When it comes to 3D modelling, there are people who are good, and others that have no idea. Instead of using some fancy 3D program, I've managed to find a nice and easy program to do all this, NovaSkin! Once, you're on the website (http://minecraft.novaskin.me), navigate to the sidebar and click the 'Gallery' tab. Then search for the player whose skin you want to use. I'll be using the generic Steve skin.

    Step 4: Create a pose.
    To create the pose you want, click on the 'Pose' tab. You can bend the body and create any pose you want! For this signature, the player's going to be bending down and trying to feed a carrot to a sheep (which we'll be adding later). Once you're done, hit the screenshot button in the top-right corner. Then right click and save the image to somewhere where you will remember it.

    Step 5: Prepare your canvas (add effects).
    I'll be adding a DoF (Depth of Field) effect on this image, what this does it blurs out the background and only focuses on the necessary parts. In this case, I'll be blurring out everything apart from the area where I'll be adding the images, and the place where I'll put the text.

    The way I do this on After Effects, is by creating an adjustment layer (which is basically a transparent layer in which you can add effects to), and then I add a Lens Blur. I then get the Elipse tool and mask out the parts which I don't want to blur. After that, you'd just see two blurred out ovals, which isn't what we want - so we then invert the masks, or set their blending mode to 'Subtract'. To add some more definition, add some feather to the mask to blur out the edges a bit.

    Step 6: Add in your 3D player and use some blending techniques.
    Drag in your player to the area where you want it - I'll be putting it on the right. Once that's done, you can create a shadow. I'm not entirely sure if simple and free programs like GIMP are able to do this, if so, unfortunately I cannot help with that. Anyway, the way how I create a shadow, is by duplicating the layer and making it fully black. Then, put the black layer in the correct position for the shadow, make sure it's not facing the wrong way. After that, if necessary, you can add a gaussian blur. This spreads out and feathers the shadow to look more fuzzy. Another thing is to reduce the transparency by a bit, mine is at 85%, but it really depends on the other shadows in the background.

    Another technique to make your model blend in is to add some colour correction. There are many ways to add colour correction (or CC for short). This changes the hues, contrast, exposure and other things that affect how something looks. You can add a variety of filters, or add a tint. But usually changing the exposure works best to suit the lighting.

    Palmsugar has made an easy explanation on how to make an advanced shadow on Photoshop.

    Here, I've shown the stage to creating a shadow. As you can see, it's not too complicated.

    Step 7: Add in any other objects and text.
    Like I said in the start, I'm going to be making the player feeding a sheep a carrot. I'm just going to get a picture of a sheep off the internet, but you can do something else if you want. I'm also just going to get a carrot and put it in the position of his hand. Text isn't too hard to do - if it's hard to see in the background, add a shadow or a boarder to help. Also mess around with all the fonts and colours - I like to keep mine simple, but it's entirely up to you.

    Step 8: Publish!
    Above is the final product for my signature. What you have to do now is publish yours! Once done, upload it to an Image Hosting Site (Such as Imgur), then add it to your signature and you're basically complete!

    A lot of work has been put in to make this tutorial, it would be great to hear feedback and your tips. Also, if you had a go, share what you made here! Thanks.
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  3. Awesome! Think I'll be trying some 3D signatures after seeing this! Thanks again Legend! :D
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  4. Tip for slightly better photo
    Might manually put in shaders, Steve is too non shader-thing :p
  5. What do you mean? Like use it without shaders then add some colour to it?
  6. No shaders then apply filters to to both. Just my attention to detail. :)
  7. You can just add filters to the player if you want, that way it fits in. I just left out that part because I thought he fit in pretty well with the background..
  8. I did it. Wait, nvm...
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  9. Amazing tutorial, helped me make this :)
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  10. D: What are you doing to your signature business I thought you wanted to make some rupeez geeezus.

    Haha, just joking, this is amazing I feel like a professional :D
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  11. Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 7.47.42 PM.png
    Aw man fml Jk Wow. faithful 32x32 with default. Default textures ftw! EDIT: Welcome back, Sethbling here. Today I broke my arm and head.
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  12. Haha, I like to add the items in manually, as I find that it can glitch the model - plus, they're way oversized!
  13. Update: Updated OP - Palmsugar has helped add more detail to each step. She's also made an explanation on a more detailed step for Photoshop.
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  14. I like to use outer glow for blending options :p
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  15. I tried, do you think it is good for a newbie :p

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