Legend's Minecraft Photography!

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  1. Hey EMC!

    Well, recently I've been taking some shots of Minecraft with the Shaders Mod and a few extra effects. This thread is to showcase some of my Minecraft Photography in Cinematic HD! I will be posting all of these images on this thread, so please tell me what you guys think! :)


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  2. Shaders are pretty but I find DOF painful to look at in Minecraft for some reason. The water looks really good though, I've yet to find a shader set myself that does water in a way I like. :)
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  3. Thanks for the suggestion and advice. And as for a set of shaders that include nice water, it really depends what you're looking for; the first image uses Chocapic13's Shaders (Shown to me by AzRicer), these shaders have a much more clear and smooth reflection, whereas the water in RudoPlay's Shaders (Used in the bottom pic) is more wavy, and in my opinion - has a better hue. I'm pretty sure there are some other Water Shaders out there, but I think these two are probably the higher-ranked ones.
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  4. They look amazing...
    Though the depth of field is like Kephras said takes away a bit from the images...
    Really good otherwise! :)

    *edit* Use DOF if you want to do a closer shot of one thing
    Not sure what it would look like but maybe not sue DOF is to much for my poor wee intel graphics to process :p
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  5. This is me twerking while the sunrises 2013-07-16_19.47.28.png
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  6. Just a question: why always the lens flares?
  7. Haha! That looks awesome! Nice skin too. ;)

    I guess the Shaders I use have a nice lens flare - I just like to capture it in my images. .P
  8. Here are two more images I just did! :)

  9. Hey! Do you think you could make me a signature involving shaders and my name? Message me! Ill pay :)
  10. I have a signature service here. You can make a proper request there! :)
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  11. I like the DOF in them much better :)
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  12. When you have shaders in a jungle it looks great. A good seed for a rainforest: Indev(works in 1.5.2-1.6.2)
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  13. Awesome! I'll try that out! :)
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  14. Ok, here's one I quickly did; I didn't add too much CC and effects on this one.

  15. You should try some kind of zoom blur, not sure how to do that, but it's possible.
    BTW, what shaderpacks do you use?
  16. The one with the more reflective and flat water are Chocapic13's shaders, as the more wavy and darker blue hue are RudoPlay's Shaders.
  17. I can't seem to see the difference between them...
    I use RudoPlays too, but it looks different
    EDIT: Did you add these clouds in?
  18. When I took this image, I used TechnicLauncher. The ModPack I used probably had a mod which changes the clouds to that. :)

    Ok, here are the differences between the Shaders.

    Chocapic13's Shaders:

    RudoPlay's Shaders:

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  19. ahhhhhhhhhh.... got it
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  20. do you know of any way to ONLY get the water in the shaders mod, because i get to much lag with the full setup, like 7-10 fps