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Are you happy to see this service again?

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No! 1 vote(s) 1.5%
Potatoez (Counts as yes)! 41 vote(s) 62.1%

  1. Well, after having a short break from Graphics altogether, I've decided I want to start my Graphics Service again - this time I will have a proper system, and a more thought-out service. And as the title implies, I am no longer doing Graphics from other games.

    First of all, these Graphics are 100% original, and have no watermark. Currently, I am doing every type of Graphic apart from Texture Packs (At the moment). These include Signatures, Avatars, YouTube Artwork, Backgrounds and much more!

    Demo Signatures
    Here are just some signatures which I have made for previous customers in the past.

    Packages and Pricing:

    Basic Package:
    Colour/gradient background of your choice with custom text and image.
    Starting at 450 rupees each.

    Standard Package:
    Custom background, player skin, font and text.
    Starting at 900 rupees each.

    3D Package:
    3D Player skin and mob in any pose, custom background, font and text.
    Starting at 1,400 rupees each.

    Custom Package:
    Have an idea that’s not in any of the packages above? Use this package to create your own unique signature.
    I will determine the price once you’ve told me what you want.

    Additional Details:
    + 100r for every player in the signature (Not including your own).
    + 100r for me to supply an HD background with Shaders Mod.
    + 200r to request a custom texture pack (Not including Default and Faithful 32x32)
    + 500r to request a custom font that is not built into OSX Mountain Lion.
    + 800r to request a custom mod (E.G Hexxit).

    Extra/Miscellaneous Information - Read before ordering!

    By using this service, you must agree to give full credit for any work done on your order. You also agree not to re-sell these Graphics to any other player. If you break any of these rules, this will result in a ban from any of my services. If you are permanently banned, I will void your order; if you somehow manage a successful appeal, I will continue with it.

    There will be no refunds for this service, as it is impossible to “return” an image. To edit your Graphic, contact me and will do it for free within the first 2 months of your order. Otherwise, depending on how large the change is, will cost rupees.

    Please do not ask questions like "How's my sig?" or "Is it ready soon?". This in fact will slow down the process - and it is really annoying. I will not be answering these questions. I'm happy to answer any other question though via PM or through this thread. :)
  2. Ordering Instructions:
    When ordering, please use the Order Form which I have supplied below - otherwise, I will nag you until you do. :p

    Name you would like to use:
    Which package you would like:
    Any custom fonts/texture packs:
    Any changes to your package:
    Background and/or custom pose:
    Type of graphic (E.G. Signature, YT Artwork):
    Required Dimensions (Default 720x125) :

    How To Order:

    1. Post using the order form.
    2. Wait for me to read the post and reply, telling you if you've done anything wrong, and that I understand what you want.
    3. I will contact you and post you the Graphic here.
    4. Tell me if you want anything changed.
    5. After 24 hours, I will be expecting payment - failure to pay within 4 days will result in ban from these services.
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  3. Name: MrWhosMagic|MrWhosAwesome
    Package: Custom I have an idea.
    I would like the Faithful 32x32 with a 3D Image of a background. The background I want the be a nice extreme hills biome with the HD Shaders Mod. And I want a 2D Image of MrWhosMagic and MrWhosAwesome in a small image bottom middle. And MrWhosMagic|MrWhosAwesome up the top. Thanks!
    So extra 100r for the Shadow, and an extra 1.4k for the 3D background and writing, and another 100r for the extra player. 1.6k and whatever price else you add. Thanks
  4. Can do! I will get to work straight away! :)
  5. I think I will use this service when I finish my residence to see what to put on it. Great idea doing this legend.
  6. Thanks Sky! Tell me when you're ready for one! :)
  7. Here's what I've done! :)

    Despite what you said about the price, I'll only charge you 1,000 rupees for this one. :)
  8. ThirstyMoose. Text: Finest Supply Co.
    3D package
    Add shaders and HD
    Like a diving or jumping action off a cliff into stream or ocean :)
    Sub: 1500 r
  9. Name: KoenJanssen
    Text: EMC Militia Second in Command | Spirit Mega Mall 18029 ( I like how it was done in AWildScarecrows)
    3D Package, Background a Pictue of the front of my Mall (18029 on SMP9, Mall Front Teleport)
    Add HD Shadders Please :D
    Total: 1,500r
  10. Can do! I will get to work ASAP! :)

    Oh, who is AWildScarecrow?
  11. I'm guessing its MrWhosMagics current sig.
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  12. Ah, ok. Thanks, Sky! :)
  13. Yea, I kinda got confused lol
  14. Thank you so much! I love it. I will use it. Thank you again!
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  15. Awesome! I'm still expecting 1,000 rupees for that! :)
  16. Yeh lol. Paid now
  17. You should check out deathtomb's sig contest winner gets 30k
  18. I will most likely get one after i pay for an expensive order i have coming in.
  19. By backgrounds and youtube artwork you mean...?
    Might use them as I love your work :p
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  20. I think he means thumbnails.