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Are you happy to see this service again?

Yes! 24 vote(s) 36.4%
No! 1 vote(s) 1.5%
Potatoez (Counts as yes)! 41 vote(s) 62.1%
  1. Well I have both of those so I just wondered. And when are you restarting the service?
  2. Names I will use: IronicSwordPlay, Slowkinggamer
    Custom package
    Default texture pack, colour grey, font arail
    No changes
    Iron blocks and ingots and iron ore in background I want a slowking skin and an iron golem on it.
    Default size
    Subtotal: 1,000r or more
  3. Name you would like to use: ChrisPaperX
    Which package you would like: 3D Package/Custom
    Any custom fonts/texture packs: No preference
    Any changes to your package: HD Background with Shaders
    Background and/or custom pose: A horse in gold horse armor - rearing up on its hind legs; with the sun in the background; please pick the background biome for me
    Type of graphic (E.G. Signature, YT Artwork): one signature plus one artwork for Youtube
    Required Dimensions (Default 720x125) : No preference
    Subtotal: please calculate for me
  4. I am sorry to tell everyone. It probably isnt my place to say this but The legend currently isnt producing art
  5. Name you would like to use: Homer71171
    Which package you would like: Standard Package
    Any custom fonts/texture packs: Faithful 32x32 with Shaders mod
    Any changes to your package: I want to have " Owner Of The 9132 Mall" written on it
    Background and/or custom pose: I want it to be the jungle with the texture pack listed above and the shaders mod and I would like my skin on it.
    Type of graphic (E.G. Signature, YT Artwork): Signature
    Required Dimensions (Default 720x125) : 720x125
    Subtotal: 1000r (pretty sure)
    Edit: I just saw that the business is closed, when it is open could you work on this order?
  6. From now on, no more orders will be accepted. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Of course!
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  7. Any thoughts on, when your starting up again?
  8. Not yet. Depends where life goes at the moment.
  9. Ah, ok just wondering :)
  10. Sorry, would it cost extra to replace my signature skin with my new one? Thank you.
    Link is here

    Edit: Whoops, just read the main post. Sorry.
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  11. Hey everyone. Sorry to break the news - but I'm unable to find the time for any graphic work at all. I will be finishing the orders which I have already started, but I will not be able to do any other orders for now. If you're in absolute need, you may PM me and state the reasons why you need your image. So I'll be fully closing this service.

    I may start this service up again soon, but no guarantees.

    Once again, sorry.