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Are you happy to see this service again?

Yes! 24 vote(s) 36.4%
No! 1 vote(s) 1.5%
Potatoez (Counts as yes)! 41 vote(s) 62.1%
  1. Yyay!
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  2. Cool I'll be looking forward to see the finished product!
  3. Name you would like to use: NoahMarcusWhite
    Which package you would like: 3D with shaders
    Any custom fonts/texture packs: Nope
    Any changes to your package: Nope
    Background and/or custom pose: 18181, make me holding my arms up like i rule the world >: D
    Type of graphic (E.G. Signature, YT Artwork): Signature
    Required Dimensions (Default 720x125) : Wut
    Subtotal: 1.5k :)
    Forgot to say that put under my name, Mega Mall 18181 and Creativity Master!
  4. Name: -:Defender983:-
    Texture Pack: John Smith Texture Pack
    Make the texture pack HD!
    Biome A Hill biome thx!
    Could you put the heading at the top
    And put a picture of my profile in the corner
    Mod: Hd Mod
    And the writing is in block writing coloured Rainbow, thx.
  5. *Defender
  6. Please use the correct order form stated in the second post. :)
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  7. Due to life being too busy and my family and I going on holidays, I will be unable to make any more graphics until the start of October. All new orders will be put on hold until the other ones have been completed.

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  8. You said a week and I waited... and waited... and waited. Its been a few weeks now, almost done?
  9. wait, i ordered a long time ago and i haven't even got mine so why are they getting theirs before mine?
  10. we aren't getting ours, thats the problem
  11. oh whoops that was a while ago sry Legend
  12. Please read before posting negative complaints.
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  13. Sry I didn't see that.
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  14. Sorry, you posted that some time after my order, I just didn't understand because you offered to make a sig for some one else on another thread
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  15. Please message me when re-opened.
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  16. So what software do you use, Photoshop?
  17. I think he uses some Adobe Flash thing. For all I know. Maybe Photo Shop.
  18. Name: Olaf_C
    Package: Custom

    I want my background to be a mushroom biome with a creeper, a wither, an enderman and a witch running away from me (2 of each mob). I want my name in the top of the signature and at the bottom to be listed like this "|Entrepreneur|Professional Lava Swimmer|Philanthropist|". I wish to be holding a diamond sword.

    Custom Pose: Jumping while running
    Extras: Jammercraft Modern Resource Pack 64x64
    HD Background
    Price: TBD by THE_LEGEND4

    I know your business is temporarily closed but I just had to get an order in. I know it is closed and have a good holiday.
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