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  1. Welcome to the Jimbonothing64 Graphic Store, here you can purchase graphics such as profile pictures, signatures and other request items. This service is pay what you want; this means you pay what you want after I send it to you. There is free editing for a week after the final product is made, if you want editing to be done later you will be put to the back of the queue. Please be patient as orders may take time.

    To order please make a reply with the following:
    • Theme
    • Preferred colours
    • Requests (font or skins in graphic)
    • Background (transparent available)
    • Any extras
    Please note: NO 3D work is done here.
    Some Examples: http://imgur.com/a/gkqXI
  2. *queue :p

    Anyways, once I can think of what I want, I'll be ordering an avatar! :D
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  3. Shhhh ;)
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  4. I don't ever recall asking you to make me a signature :p
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  5. It was on mumble or something, I don't either, just seems to be there :p
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  6. Bump ;)
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  7. Bump
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  8. Hey, sounds cool! I'd like to purchase a signature, my one is kind of bland...

    Theme: I'd like to have a picture of my current project with some added text on the left hand side, kind of similar to the first picture in the Imgur gallery.

    Preferred Colours: I don't think there is much to color in my idea, but the text would be black.

    Requests: I'd like the text to say:
    And yes, I'd like the font to be Trebuchet MS.

    Background: The picture of my residence

    If this isn't detailed enough, please PM me, and if it is, please PM me anyway so I know if you're happy to do the signature for me :rolleyes:

    EDIT: Look at this awesomeness. LOOK AT IT
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  9. Theme futuristic
    Preferred colours green and purple
    Requests (font or skins in graphic) skin and just say flamingpotato42
    Background (transparent available) possibly something epic until i get around to my building
    Any extras
    Make it look cool :)
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  10. Theme: The Iron or Gold industry
    Preferred Colors: Green and Black
    Requests (font or skins in graphic): The skins of both myself and BrenJone
    Biggest text should be: LB Ind. Text of 16094 along with Iron, Gold, Redstone can be included
    Background: Something dealing with Iron blocks or Iron golems,
    Extra: This is for a signature
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  11. What background is this :p ?
    • Theme: Modern, I want it to have a 'Clean' look
    • Preferred colours: Orange, Green
    • Requests (font or skins in graphic): I'll like it to say "SMP 2 3434 Megamall and Hotel" No skin :)
    • Background (transparent available): Transparent would be nice and it should be a signature
    • Any extras: NA
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  12. Something u think looks cool and clean :D
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  13. I would like my Minecraft skin as a character with a diamond sword, looking at the camera with 2 Endermen standing behind me with their arms crossed, with my figure in a relaxed pose, holding sword on my shoulder and my other arm pointing at the camera. Explosion background. Mine-imator recommended. 2k for your service, PM me when it's ready :)
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  14. Mine almost ready?
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  15. I will start now, sorry I did no work on them on sunday and I got back home late today
  16. I had a purchase from the service and I was extremely happy. It was quick, look great and jimbo was great with helping silly old loaf to install it. I would recommend this service to anyone
    EDIT: the current sig was not designed by him but by someone else but the his sig was only temporary. It was just as beautiful. Here is the one jimbo made:
  17. Cool :D
    • Theme A nice smooth look. A little bit of wood and stuff in it
    • Preferred colours White with a bit of wood colors
    • Requests (font or skins in graphic) Two circles with me and Kells18 skin in it. And under it our names.
    • Background (transparent available) Some trees and sun shining on them
    • Any extras In a cool way, Text saying: Demon and Kells18 Wood Supply
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  18. Theme-2nd example
    Preferred colurs-Dark blue and orange
    Backround-Stone brick
    Extras-I want to be summoning a Momentus and the text says "Mob maker-Ethy202"
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