Alice's Advent Calendar!

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Do you think this is a good idea?

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  1. Hai EMC!

    I've seen a few Youtubers doing these cool little advent calendar things for Christmas and I've decided to do my own :p
    However since I'm not really a video making kinda person, I'll be doing it with little drawings instead n.n
    If I miss a day I'll try to get it done asap, so this can get completed in the proper way :)

    Let's get started! (Yes I know I'm starting a day late...)



    My first o.c Aliow (new name ideas...?) enjoying the snow with her little Santa hat on :p

    I kinda like snow, until I get a snowball to the face... Snow isn't to fun after that
    It hasn't snowed here yet either :c

    My 2nd oc Max (he's a dog) is such a party pooper, he hates Christmas and almost every other celebration
    Aliow put a hat on him but he quickly protested :p

    Amazing drawing by Palmsugar for today n.n Her oc Candycane :p

    New Reindeer oc :p (No name yet)
    Look how adorable and fat he is! xD

    Snowy the Snowman :p

    Another amazing drawing by Palmsugar for today! n.n

    Great art by ISMOOCH for today :p

    Throwing snowballs and purposefully missing is fun :p
    Until you actually hit someone anyway

    Cute little pony drawing by Cordial_Pie, thank you!













    Christmas Day!:

    (10 days every post because I don't know if there's a size or picture limit for each post... Just to be safe!)

    ^Edit: Oh yay I forgot to reserve posts for this! Adding all 25 onto this, whelp, hope for the best

    If anyone wants to do this with me then I could maybe add them onto this thread or you could even make your own! :p

    (Ohhh look how colorful and christmasy this post is!)
  2. Yes! :D I'm very glad now that I thougt "one more refresh and then I'm going to bed" cause otherwise I could easily have missed this I think. Thank you Alice! I'm looking forward to every day from now on now:p :)
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  3. Ah, I just realised I forgot to reserve more posts for this, oh I'm so smart

    I'll add all 25 on to the main post and hope for the best :p
  4. Bump
    I worked hard on day 2, feedback is much appreciated!
  5. Wow I love these!
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  6. Very nice! :D I wish I was artistic >.>
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  7. Wow!
    Your a great artist :D
    What are you doing these on?
    Can you do one of a zebra :3?
  8. Sawwy, mai brain noticed the "Calender" :p
  9. Idea for one day (as a present to me please)
    Make a Drawing of Link during nighttime with half of his body (from the nose) turns different colors.
    So like one side he has blue eyes and blonde hair, and the other gray and brunette. :3
    Then draw a snow man in the back ground :p
  10. Thanks! I draw them on Colours!3D on 3DS
    I wasnt planning on taking requests but if I run out of ideas I guess I could do some

    Please no postng just for requests though, since my requests are closeddd
  11. :D Brilliant!
  12. Alice? :3
    *looks at you with big eyes*
    Please? >.< I could make some doodles :D

    And I love the two you've got so far! Looking forward to the others!
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  13. I really like the ways you make your eyes.
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  14. Since you and your big eyes are so cute... Yeah :p

    Send me them in a message or post them here and I'll sort something out n.n

    Thanks for all the support everyone!
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  15. Yay! :D I'll send you a message soon then. I see you post them in the evening so if I hurry I might be able to make one for today haha.
    Oh and my drawings will probably be more about daily life scenes from this month and maybe some cute fantasy stuff if I feel inspired >.<

    Edit: maybe the drawings are something for Maxarias' art thread as well?
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  16. I have to post them in the evening because of school >.<'
    It's fine if you don't have on everyday because I have enough ideas to keep me going :p

    Posting a few on Max's art thread isn't a bad idea actually o.o
    I'll post the 'best ones' when I have more 'best ones' on here haha
  17. Oh good :p
    Are you kidding me? :p The ones you have now are already awesome!
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  18. Day 3 done!
    I'm not really sure whether it's creepy or cute xD
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  19. Bump :p

    Should I make drawings with EMC members on or should I draw some more of my OC's?
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  20. What are OC's?