Alice's Advent Calendar!

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Do you think this is a good idea?

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  1. Shouldn't have put it up on deviantart yet :p
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  2. I can basically do a drawing marathon on Friday, because it's the last day of school, and on Fridays we can bring DSes, Phones, Tablets, etc. to school :D
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  3. Hoping to get this done within the last 5 days leading up to Christmas :p
    I've just realized I can only upload 5 pictures a day to Colours!3D so that could be slightly problematic...
    Oh well
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  4. Lucky you,see what happens when you get to High school ):
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  5. Day 6 posted (since the pic of Domino broke, yey)

    Just realized I'm 14 days behind
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  6. Glad to see you've found for a new drawing! It's so cute :)
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  7. Merry early christmas Alice n.n
    Ease the workload a bit (sorry, gallery crashes every time I try to upload on my tab, ill see what else I can do :p)
    (oops, didn't realize that I hadn't gotten the pictures on my computer, will edit with pictures)
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  8. Day 7 posted
    Slowly getting this done >.<
    This may run past Christmas...

  9. yeah... its me delivering presents...

    deal with it.
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  10. Day 8 posted

    Yeahhh... This gonna run past Christmas -.-'
    Didn't get chance to do a drawing today, I've been working on other things :oops:

    Thanks for all the drawings as well guys n.n
    It helps me out alot :p
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  11. Day 9 posted (This is definitely going past Christmas xD)
    I was going to draw today but my motivation has turned to poop again -.-
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  12. It's late, but it's here.

  13. Days 10 and 11 posted :p

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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  14. mass draw and upload incoming
    2013-12-23-204734.png 2013-12-23-204903.png 2013-12-23-204933.png 2013-12-23-205003.png 2013-12-23-205035.png
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  15. Did you draw these on Colours? :p
  16. yesh
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  17. Several days filled by drawings from Princebee :p
    I probably won't be working on this for much longer since I want to get more things for 'What if the EMC staff turned evil' done
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  18. amazing!
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  19. (Just remembered this)
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