Alice's Advent Calendar!

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Do you think this is a good idea?

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  1. It snowed here too:D
  2. Its deeper than your foot here...
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  3. Erp, Im falling behind a lot here...
    Forgot to post yesterday e.e

    I'll try to catch up this weekend
  4. So people can submit pictures to this advent calendar?
  5. Yeah
    I love your pony oc btw, one of the best I've seen n.n
  6. Thanks ya. I might submit a picture, I've had an idea I had for my own OC.
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  7. Oh, and guess what! A pleasant 28 degrees Celcius today here in Melbourne! Can't complain, it was hailing yesterday. Was out in the street, and this this guy in was like "IT'S SUMMER! YAY!". Love Melbourne. But I'm going skiing in Jan. Heading for Germany Friday 13th. :D
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  8. Cool I have nothing to look forward to this winter but snow and christmas.
  9. Just posted day 5
    Yes, I know it's the 7th I'm trying...
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  10. Wow, I really don't know how it happens that I just check the forums every time when you upload the next one... :p Most things I see on the forums are from twelve hours back or something
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  11. Im just magic like that :p
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  12. Day 6 posted :p
    Not a drawing but oh well
    I might have drawing done for today but I'm running low on ideas :s
  13. The pic doesn't load for me, I'll check again tomorrow.
    Where did the reindeer go? You said you drew one, right?
  14. The ref for it is in my school planner and I don't have it with me atm
    I'll draw it when I get chance
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  15. sorry, got to bump this >.< WORK HARD ALICE! (haha jk, going to upload some images when I get the chance)
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  16. No need to be sorry, I'm the one who should be sorry for putting this off >.<
    I would be able to keep up with it but stress with school is making it real hard to keep up with anything recently... :(
    I'll try and catch up this week, but no promises since this week is when all my homework which I haven't done is due >.<
  17. Don't overdo yourself, Alice. When you feel like you're too tired with all the busy december thingys, especially after having to make lots of home work, learning your exams, et cetera, you'll have to set your prioritys. And making an advent calendar should not have the highest priority, even while I like it a lot;)
  18. It isn't my priority
    If it was, I wouldn't be days behind like I am now...
    I appreciate you trying to help me though, it means a lot
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  19. Surprise! :pIt could've been better, but I'm glad I was able to make something at all :)

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  20. I was wondering why this was on your DeviantArt :p
    Thanks Palm!

    I'm going to catch up with this on the weekend since all my homework is gone by the end of this week! n.n