[BUSINESS]Skin Reimagining

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  1. Imagine That
    ...You like your skin, but you:
    a) want a little change.
    b) "wash" your clothes, and get different clothes.
    Please put it in the comments:



    IGN: Eye_Car_Pet
    Changes: I want my shirt to have a tire with an eye in the middle, and also 1 dog ear.
    Deadline: December 2, ∞

    IGN: Maxarias
    Changes: Random, and another skin with me as a sci-fi character.
    Deadline: April 8th, 2014
    1 result below:
    Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.12.11 AM.png
    100r per skin change
    500r per full skin
    150r per 1.8 skin change
    550r per 1.8 full change
    10r extra per staff edit-on
  2. Bump
    You there! You need a haircut so you don't look like a cliche! You over there! Your clothes stink! You there! You need colo(u)red contacts. Why are all of you not bothered to have a change? °_°
  3. IGN: Qwerty189
    Changes: I'd like the obsidian to be taken off of my shoulders and put on the bottom 1 or 2 pixels of my head.
    Deadline: ASAP
  4. I would like to change my entire skin i just don't know in what way
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  5. Qwerty189.PNG
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  7. sketch-5.png This okay?
  8. Is that your skin or something?
    I think that would look kinda derpy on my youtube :/
  9. No it's not. You should specify. It helps a lot.
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  10. I'm not really asking for one though...
  11. It's the best skin ever! In all seriousness, I thought you were a customer.
  12. If I tried loading that as my skin, notch would personally walk up to me and say
  13. "LOL PL0X"
  14. I like how it makes it look a little like the beacon (my head) is wearing one of those mask things that max has :p