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  1. Now, as some of you might have seen, I have been doing a few renders of EMC areas in Chunky recently, so the I felt it was good to turn it into a bit of a business.

    Order Form
    Server and Res:
    Extra Details:

    Extra Details
    -If possible you should include a screenshot of your res to give me a rough idea of where to do the render from.
    -If you would like the render to be a certain resolution, please include that as well.

    Please Note:
    -Due to the nature of how the program works, entities and smaller blocks like player heads do not show up in render
    -Depending on the size of the renders I can normally get two renders done per day.
    -The price of these will be 500r each, with payment made on order.

    You may look here for details of my work so far.

    Current Jobs
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  2. bumpeh
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  3. bump?
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  4. Great stuff. First saw the graveyard on Reddit. I think this is a good idea. Of course, I have no clue of what you should render yet. Let me meditate on it and I'll get back with you.

  5. I actually have some requests!
    Can we talk about it in-game?
  6. I'll hop on now
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  7. Render the tower of virtues!
  8. What shader pack do you use?
  9. No, this isn't done in game.
    They rendered in Chunky, an external mapping/rendering program.
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  10. Bump, some orders have come in :)
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  11. Order Form

    • Name: B4dman5imon
    • Server and Res: SMP2 3153 complex
    • Extra Details: be as creative as you want, surprise me with some epic images :D
  12. How many images would you want though?
    Perhaps one or two? :)
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  13. Sounds fun :) what ever you feel, do something arty and jazz, you can even submit to max for the daily art if you wish.
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  14. I already have before, been on the facebook page already :)
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  15. Order Form
    Name: mba2012
    Server and Res: 9008 on smp4
    Extra Details: A nice wide render of the whole thing would be good, just from the outside. And then a second one just of the front face.
  16. Wait, do we have our own subreddit?
  17. I don't think so no lol, I put it on /r/minecraft
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  18. I would say that we should make one, but I don't know if there would be much point if we already have our own forums, except I am still compelled to...
  19. /r/emc

    Pretty dead though.
  20. Okay, I have managed to come up with this :)

    Only the one I could make good, so only 500r :)
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