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  1. Legend's HD Graphics

    Hello EMC, welcome to my Graphics Service. I will be doing all types of graphics; including Logos, Signatures, Avatars, Backgrounds/Wallpapers and much more! These are non-watermarked and 100% original.

    Logos and Avatars:

    - Logos and Avatars cost around 500-1000 rupees, depending on what is on it.


    - Plain colour or gradient background with text and image.
    - Starting at 500 rupees each.

    - Custom Background, Player Skin, Player Name & Text.
    - Starting at 1,000 rupees each.

    3D Player:
    - Custom Background, 3D Minecraft Skin in any pose with any mob, Player Name & Custom Text.
    - Starting at 1,800 rupees each.

    Additional Details/Prices
    + 200r for every other skin (Doesn't include first player skin).
    + 100r for me to supply an HD Minecraft background with optional Shaders Mod.
    + 400r to request a custom font that is not built-in to OSX Mountain Lion.
    + 600r to request a custom mod (Not including Shaders) for your signature (E.G. Gun Mod).
    + 200r to request a custom texture pack for your graphic (Default and Faithful 32x32 doesn't count).

    (Does anyone know how to get rid of the double spoiler?)

    Other Graphics:

    - To request any other graphics, please tell me what you would like, and I will talk to you for further details.

    Posting instructions are in the post below.


    Terms of Service:

    By using any of these Graphics, the player must agree that he/she must not take any credit for any work done. Re-selling these graphics will result in ban from any of these services.

    Credit & Special Thanks To:

    - Jimbonothing64; Inspiration & Help in early stages. He is also amazing at photo-editing and I recommend checking him out!

    - Whichever staff member was able to change the title of this thread. :)

    Refunds & Editing:
    From now on, I will not be offering any refunds, as it's not possible for you to "Return" your signature! Sorry for any inconvenience.

    I will be able to edit your request for free within 1 months after I've posted the final product, otherwise it would cost 100+ rupees to make a change, depending on what you want to add/remove.
  2. Posting Instructions:

    Your IGN and/or any alts: THE_LEGEND4 & ItzLegend_
    Which package would you would like (Or any custom packs): I would like the Standard one.
    Any changes: Please make the text say "Blah Blah Blah etc."
    What background you want: I would like a background of a forest and a small lake/pond at night time.
    Package & price total:
    1,000 rupees Standard Package
    + 100 rupees HD Background
    = 1,100 rupees

    Your IGN and/or any alts:
    Which pack you would like (Or any custom packs):
    Any changes:
    What background you want:
    Package & price total:


    - Sorry if I your signature is taking a while to make, I've been really busy with work and haven't found much time to get to them.

    - Added a template so it's easier to make an order.

    - Now doing all sorts of graphics including Avatars and Logos, Wallpapers and much more! :)

    - Added a Refund & Editing section.
  3. Legend, could I have the third signature you posted in the portfolio but with a minecraft cookie background instead if thats possible. And under my name could you put: Cookie! Cookie! Cookie! And the blocking area being a diamond block.
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  4. Awesome! I will PM you for details ;)
  5. I would like to have the bottom graphic with "Expert Minecraft Builder" "Owner of 7216 and 2345" and "Interior Designer" with a picture of me. You can download the skin if you want and take the picture yourself. http://www.planetminecraft.com/skin/astronaut-1934948/ and you obviously know my username :p
    I will pay you 2500r for it, even though you said it was free.
  6. Ok thanks :) I will get to work tomorrow as it's quite late for me now ;) Do you want the background of your player in-front of one of your reses?
  7. Yes make it in front of res 7216 (it is closed right now so you don't have move.) just go to residence 7080 because it is right next door, actually, 7080 is going to be a viewing platform of the mall, so you should get a great shot from up there.
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  8. Sweet! I would like one with my minecraft avatar standing on the top of a mountain in minecraft in the night with a enderman, face to face in a cool pose (if you can do that:p) With wording that says, Electrobomb on the first line
    18894 Enchant Shop/18512 Phenominon Hotel/ 19019 Game Center smp9, on the second line if thats too much to put on one line split it into 2:):) I may pay you just because of your time:)
  9. Ok, I will get to it after the two other people. I just got back from work and am just beginning on those two :)
  10. I love you! No homo but I LOVE YOU! Make me a sweet signature, anything you want, but have somewhere both my accts MrWhosMagic and MrWhosAwesome, owner of thew new mall 1204. Not in that order neccessarily. Just do something awesome for me!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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  11. Okey Dokey, thanks for all the love man <3. Haha, you're 4th on the list, I'll try getting it ready by tomorrow :)
  12. Take your time man! Any time, and no probs xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  13. Enough work for today, I will try getting most signatures ready by tomorrow ;)
  14. NO, DONE TODAY. Nuff said <3 xD
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  15. Ok, first draft. Tell me what else you want to add/change/remove :)
  16. legend, I own res 7216, not 7217 :p I'll pay you when you fix it <3
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  17. Oh :p Wow, I'm dumb :D Wasn't paying attention. I'll fix it straight away :)
  18. Coommon legend! lol
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  19. I'm getting there :D
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