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  1. Make me a Vulcan logo prize is 5000r
    Hi, as some of you may know my emc business is called Vulcan inc. and I'd love someone to convert this picture into a pop art style logo I would love it to be editable so I can change the colours fairly easily but does not have to be, I would kinda like it to be black and white but if it looks awesome maybe not. Please could I have it with an invisible background or whatever its called. Can I also not have the wheels as though its high in flight. If you can think of a logo that better suits the name vulcan that is pretty awesome please send me that I consider all entries. Thanks and sorry for being so fussy ;)

    This is the Vulcan plane by the way :p
    Please PM all entries thank you :)
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  2. I *might* try
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  3. Halfway there if anyone wants to use this :) It's just a dodgy cut, so you'd still need to clean it up