A simple guide to Minecraft skins

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  1. As I'm bored right now, I've decided to make a guide explaining the common types of skins in Minecraft.

    1. The Teen/Emo Skin

    Teen/Emo Skins are normally consider the worst type of Minecraft skins, due to their overuse and general lack of creativity

    2. Youtuber Skins

    Not normally bad skins, but are considered overused

    3. The Mix and Match

    The type of skin I use, made by combining parts of different skins with each other

    4. The Self-Made

    Generally considered the best type of skins, take lots of work to make.

    That's my little guide on Minecraft skins. Thanks for reading. :)
  2. You went from: 1. skin genre , 2. another skin genre to 3. skin creation type , 4. another skin creation type. It didn't make sense lol :p

    I would suggest



    Minecraft mobs

    Comic/movie superheros


    etc. (ideas anyone?)

    Ways to create a skin:
    1. Download from a website like minershoes.com, minecraft.novaskin.me or skindex.com
    2. Mix and match on one of those websites
    3. Edit an existing skin in paint/photoshop
    4. Create a skin from scratch in paint/photoshop

    And I used girl skins, because... You didn't use any! >.<
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  3. All those are overused...
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  4. I think legit just made this to point out teen skins because he(and I) hate them :p
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  5. I like using the pro skin creator cause I'm on my iPod alot and you can use premade skins easily to edit them and also if you buy add ins you can get loads of premise hats (that's how I got my crown in my skin)
  6. I do too. My cousin logged in and had a teen skin. I waited until he logged off and then I changed it to a hobo. :)
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  7. My skin was made by myself, it looks like other girl skins but with my own colors.
  8. My skin is made from the minershoes.com armory.
  9. I do like self-drawn skins way more than any other skin, even if it's badly drawn, cause the chance that somebody has your skin is less than 1 percent when you draw it yourself.
  10. Or more, minershoes.com