Rhino's picture editing service!

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  1. Hey guys. I just got a great new application for picture editing and effect adding. I decided to offer my services to you guys! The prices will very depending on what you want, how long it will take me and how many pictures. I can also do simple editing tasks like red eye correction and stuff if you don't want to do that boring work!

    Please reply using this forum either through pm or a post on here.

    Number of pictures (one is fine):
    What kind of picture(s):
    What you want done (be as detailed as possible)

    If you don't I will not accept them. We can agree on a price once you see the finished product(s).

  2. If you don't get enough feedback you could join our team at the pics shop :)
  3. Yes! You can do images with us :) Wanna join?
  4. I might join. Bump!
  5. Okay let us know
  6. Chasc. I have no drawing ability, I'm just kinda good at editing stuff. But I will join you guys