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  1. First off, Im brand new. While I did read through the guide, and other areas already, I apologize if my post is repetitive or if I missed my answer.

    Basically, I am curious about the economy within the servers. Are the items sold in shop an endless supply that caps the value of materials and goods? Also, is there any other use for Rupees outside of buying other items?
    I am just trying to gain an understanding of what is going on. Thanks.
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  2. That is EXACTLY what /shop is, amongst over things.
    And rupees are only for buying/selling, it is an economy after all
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  3. Nailed it :D

    And yes, for now rupees buy goods, though eventually they will also be used (in addition to dragon eggs) to create personal outposts in the wild.

    Also -- WELCOME to EMC!

    Edit: forgot about the /vault pages -- thanks Moose :)
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  4. That is correct. The shops have an endless supply at an extreme cost. Player shops are cheaper.

    Rupees are the currency of the server, so their primary focus is buying items. Outside of that, many of the functions - such as buying another vault or opening one (cross server chest) cost rupees.
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  5. Thanks!
    Personally, I am one of those evil people who favors a free market, but it is what it is.
  6. In that case, you might want to go talk to 72Volt.

    Welcome to EMC! :)
  7. I did not know this.........Would you mind telling me how this would work? or is it one of those moderator things taht you are not supposed to reveal details about :p
  8. I have been a member for five minutes and am unknowingly already trying to pry secrets from the mods. Haha, I feel accomplished.

    So, what is the best way to find current prices for items? Is there any kind of log, or data hub, or just watch the forums?
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  9. To? Or with?
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  10. Rupees + Dragon Egg = Personal Wild Claim

    I can not be bothered to dig up the threads stating this information. :)
  11. When I first started mine, I went around to the other active shops on my server and wrote down the prices on the items I wanted to sell so I could decide how to price mine. Later I checked prices on other servers.

    Since then I've periodically adjusted prices when Minecraft, EMC, or some other factor makes something more or less valuable in my viewpoint.

    I still do price checks, but not as often. Mainly when I am adding a new item and am not sure how it should be priced.

    Auction prices generally seem to go higher than player shop prices, but can give you a general idea of what a ceiling price is for an item.

    A use for Rupees I haven't seen listed above is to pay for services. I've built quite a few grinders, farms, Stone generators, and other similar things for Rupees.
  12. Welcome to EMC.

    Also, 72Volt will like you...go talk to him about your opinion on a free market.
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  13. I will have to introduce myself.
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  14. Usually you'll just have to ask someone which is the most popular shop, and usually this shop has low prices and many things in stock.
  15. Generally big (cheap and normal) stores are low on stock - except for the easy-to-get and well paying items :)

    Welcome to EMC :)

    I'd suggest observing the economy and stores on the server that you plan on playing on at first, then start your store, ect. Good luck!
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  16. Welcome to EMC! :)
    And to the small group of "evil" people that value freedom and humanity, and refuse short sighted, narrow minded, homophobic, a full of angst and fear view of the world :)

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  17. Go ahead

    In the meantime, enjoy this achievement.

  18. Ah, one of the lucky few with the ability to appreciate the market, where individual actors acting in their own self-interest benefit everyone as a whole, even if they started with no benevolent intentions :)

    I should introduce myself.
    I'm 72Volt. I like complex things.
    To fund my complex things, I tried to make a lava wall around SMP5's wild, essentially giving ownership of the entire wild world, but ICC banhammered me off a metaphorical cliff.
    A while passed, and the community sort of forgave me and we all joked about it. Then, I started studying economics, to supplement further complex things.
    My current complex thing of particular interest is a project to make a sovereign state in SMP9's wild, called the New Republic. It'll have a government, colonies, a player-made Written Book currency, and other stuff.

    Here's a link which Manic kindly included as reccommended reading ^_^
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  19. As one of my duties, I shall edit 72Volt's post to reflect his true and accurate self. =P
  20. Good to meet you 72Volt! I will re-read this thread when I have a little more time, but from the sounds of it, you seem like you would be a perfect edition to the EVE Online community.
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