[Empire Update!] Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

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  1. We have multiple awesome updates for you today, Empire, and they all impact your playing in a positive way!

    We have launched a new diamond perk today. All diamond members now have the ability to fly while in Utopia TOWN. Actually, let's play a little game. The first diamond member to find the new perk AND take a screenshot of them using it, will be awarded 2,500 rupees! I'll update this description once it's found. Happy hunting.

    We are on a member drive again. Our numbers are starting to grow faster and we will get to the glory we once were AND SURPASS IT!. That's why from this point on, every referral will net you a cool 2,000 rupees (from the old 500). Get out there and get your referring on! You can get your referral links and banners here: http://empireminecraft.com/account/referrals

    We're initiating two "Running Goals" with prizes as of this post. Right now we're averaging about 5,000 unique sign-ins to our server each week. Once we reach a solid 7,000 members per week, we will allow, for a one week basis only, flying in town on all servers for everyone. For our second goal, we are aiming to get in the top 15 of minestatus...which happens by you guys voting everyday and getting your friends to vote as well. Once we reach the top 15, we will be awarding, server wide, 48 hours of pure double XP.

    Hope you all enjoy the Empire Update!
  2. Awesome!
    Time to get my diamond alt and search like a boss xD
    Also, flying *-*
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  3. I bet people all IcC's rupees that Jack will be the first to find the new diamond perk.
  4. Woot new diamond perk!
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  6. OMG!!!!!!! epic!
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  7. Omg omg omg omg omg omg.. Which should I get ready for? Double Exp, or building my res D:
  8. fly while in utopia town!

    Better picture:
  9. Woot!, yeahhhhh
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  10. It took him a total of like, 38 seconds to figure this out.
  11. some how i feel jab had a heads up on this , lol jks
  12. what can you do while doing something else? hm... what do people want? my first though was travel /home while in the /wild, but that didn't work. And I noticed that utopia was the first server updated (maybe/maybe didn't have anything to do with it). So i went to utopia and tried to fly... and it worked!
  13. Nah he didn't. I only know he figured it out so fast because I'm sitting right next to him and he literally screamed, and I quote "HEYHEYHEYHEY!!!!" and told me to look at the page :p
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  14. Oops that was a bug...not supposed to be flying. Pushing an update.

    Haha jk. Congrats Jabr...will send your rupees over soon. :)
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  15. I want another gold perk.
  16. :eek: Better start recruiting…
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  17. well..... packing up to move to utopia..... and i just finished the maze toooo
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  18. Diamond supporter....... it does have a nice ring to it.... ;)