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Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Maxarias, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. An astonishing 78% agreed that permabanned players should be wiped clean.

    30% of you said that we're perfect with how we dish out punishment, which was majority, but more votes towards needs to be more lax, then strict.. Which is odd, giving the rest of the results. We interpret this to mean to be more lax on the minor rules like chat and caps.

    For griefing, 42% said it should be HARDER to get an appeal, but combined with the 19% saying no appeal, that puts us at 61% thinks we should be harder on griefing appeals.

    For PVP.. 31% said what we're doing is perfect, but 26% said there should be no appeals, and 25% said it should be more difficult, so again 51% vote for harder to get an appeal on PVP.

    50% said there should be no appeals for hacking, with 22% saying harder, putting us at 77% wanting less appeals for hacking Man, you guys are harder then I am. :p

    52% voted, only under major incidents, and 26% says ban alts for ANY permabanned players, putting us at 78% wanting harsher alt policies.

    We relaxed our alt policy a few months back, but these results show that we need to go back to keeping the bad guys out of EMC even if they have an alt!
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  2. Interesting results. What is going to happen now that you have these?
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  3. I'm assuming take our suggestions and act upon them :p
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  4. Sounds good. I think that there should ALWAYS be a way to appeal a ban. The mods are not AI's or robots. They have lives and jobs, get tired and make rash decisions sometimes (which by all means is ok, like I said you are only human). For this reason you should always be able to appeal.
  5. I seen this on the front page, with a big huge graph, so I clicked on it and thought "Maths...". I forgot what I voted for on the ban stance stuff, but I agree with most of the highest voted choices here :D
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  6. (;
    I'm satisfied with these results.
    I think there should be harder appeal for Griefing because I don't accept Griefing on Empire.
  7. So I wasn't the only really mean person... nice to know. :)
  8. Wait, how is the 30% the majority in the first one?
  9. Awesome results :)
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  10. I like dese. All the ones that were the most were the ones I went for >.<
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  11. Good. I like how people think griefing should be harder to appeal for.
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  12. I prefer the term "fair" ;)

    It's the majority in the sense that no other percentage was above 30
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  13. I think mean probably described what I chose slightly better than fair lol.
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  14. i said there shoudlnt be appeals for greifing, hacking, or pvping.
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  15. Same lol. But then again when they give these things out it's usually after I'm ticked at some ding dong for breaking the rules.

    For example:

    We had a kid come who repeatedly killed our farms out at the outpost. He was caught and banned and appealed three months later. I was mad because he was gonna come out and do it again.

    There was also 621op who was banned for duping diamonds but his alt was allowed. A bunch of us were a bit confused. He eventually got banned for being a jerk.

    You get the idea.
  16. Seems legit.. :p
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  17. Actually, majority is technically over 50%. It looks like a typo.
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  18. I voted for the hardest on everything but the Alt one, I think alts should be banned ONLY IF it's a mayor rule.
  19. You are BEYOND wrong! Appealing should only be for players who believe they have been banned unfairly. If they appeal and they are still proven guilty then they are done. Appealing isn't for players who know they have wronged and want to repent.
  20. i have a feeling that nobody will be saying who their alts are.
    but i love that the charts show that small amount of people who are like "NO Wait! dont do this yet! i wanna be able to grief in peace!"
    (obvious exaggeration)
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