Possible New Vault Goal!

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Should those who earn their 100th vault page be rewarded with it being a wild accessible page?

Yes. 215 vote(s) 70.7%
No. 89 vote(s) 29.3%

  1. Hey Community!

    As you probably know, we vamped up our Vault feature by loading it with tons of new features! (Click here if you haven't seen yet). Well, we saw a few people suggest an idea about the vault working in the wild and we've toyed with a ton of ideas, none of which seemed good to us, until this one. We'd like your feedback on it first and want to see how you feel about it as a community before we put it in place, however.

    The idea is this. As you know, you can, through memberships and TONS of rupees (1 million over time) have 100 vault pages. Well, the idea is, since you've invested so much time and money into your vault, you should get a reward. This reward would be the FINAL 100th page of your vault, when unlocked would be a wild vault. You can I guess think of it like a wild backpack, haha.

    This idea seems fair to us, on the staff side, as it's something you really have to work towards and will further reward those who continue to support the Empire, which makes all of this possible in the first place.

    Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll and leaving your comments.

    EDIT: If this idea is implemented, we may go into further discussions on how we should allow it in the wild specifically. For example, should there be a fee to use the wild page still to keep things balanced? Should they only work in wild protected areas (future update).
  2. I think that this is actually quite a good idea. Yes.

    ...but if most people disagree, if it's OP, how about making it available only in claimed land (post-dragon tombs) or other specific wild locations?

    Could give those that are "bored of EMC" something to achieve, big time.
  3. Its a good idea
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  4. Dibs on wild vault access
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  5. I'd say its worth it.
  6. Seems interesting actually. But my question is why does gold have 8 and diamond makes a huge jump to 100? Also, it could bring a lot more diamond supporters, which is always good.
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  7. No. Once again, something that only diamond supporters could get.
  8. its a good idea if the amount of vault space is the same size as it was before the vault update
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  9. Yes, why not :D

    Well paying 20 bucks a month and most continous supporting Emc. I think they earn it ;)
  10. The one wild page will be just ONE page. It will be the same size as all of the current pages.
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  11. If it's decided that it's a "yes", we'll have further discussions among staff (and maybe community if we need more feedback) on how and where in the wild it will work. Your edit suggestion is one POSSIBLE choice.
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  12. Well, I don't see it being OP since it takes 1m to reach this goal . Thus very few will get. Well now I know where my rupees will be going
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  13. That seems reasonable.
  14. No. If anyone actually buys this, they can easily become super rich. All they need to do is mine, die, take items out, go to town, sell.
  15. .. but what i'm confused about, is why diamond vault page number is so high? gold only has 8 pages? how is that fair to boost it up to 100, when gold, which is half of what diamond is, doesn't get anywhere close to that?

    it should equally half of what gold is, this is why you changed the amount of res's to 4, instead of what it was before.
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  16. Definitely not OP in my head, but there might be a few people that think it'll take away vanilla aspects
    You're forgetting a few things - first of all, you would need 1 million rupees for this so it's hardly going to be "easy to get rich." Secondly, mining isn't exactly something that will get you rich quick-smart, it takes time. Third of all, you can just do that now with ender chests. :)
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  17. Well it's not easy to get 100 pages and this is only a suggestion , it hasn't even been implemented
  18. Just read it takes a million dollars, lol. Thought it said tenth page. Support get.
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  19. agreed
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  20. That's my question as well.
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