Vault Revamped

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  1. Vault has been modified, and upgraded to a newer, cleaner version. This version is custom coded by Aikar, which allows you to:
    • Purchase multiple Vault pages, based on supporter level. (Edited: See Edit post Below)
      First page remains free.
      Price is 10,000 Rupees per page.

    • Any pages you purchase are yours to keep forever even if you downgrade supporter rank.

    • You can now name your Vault pages. This will let you access them by name instead of number.

    • Once you've hit 5 vault pages, Vault will become FREE to access forever.

    • You can still only use Vault in Town.
    We will be rolling this update momentarily, and we will require a 10 minute downtime. Stay tuned for reboot notices. ;)

    For more information, you can type /vault help


  2. Yes!:) Thanks Aikar!:)
  3. Oh my:) I like!

    -first (ugh) I lost it by a second!!
  4. Wow! Thanks Aikar! Always ruining the economy! :D
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  5. This is awesome! So excited! Yet another great reason to support the empire! :)
  6. Does this mean books/fireworks can be vaulted now? Or are we still awaiting a fix on that?
  7. IKR - not sure what im going to do with up too 100 vault pages tho :) hmm

    So helpful for all those multiple double chest auctions on other servers
  8. Yay! Thanks Aikar! Now I REALLY want to support…
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  9. Save all the dirt! 100 pages full of it! :p
  10. When can we put books and quills into it?
  11. Thnx aikar and Max!
  12. vault all the things!
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  13. Wow, This Will Be Amazing!
  14. When this update comes out. This update was done specifically so you could vault special items like books, and the like.
  15. YAAAAAY!!
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  16. Up to 100 pages? Why would you ever need 345600 spaces :I
  17. 1 thing we need to access it outside of town in my opinion
  18. With that change, any aspect of survival minecraft flies out the window.
  19. Im sooooo exited. I may have to just go ahead and purchace a 2nd page right once server back up! :)
  20. Wooooooooooohoooooooooo! ._. That is all I have to say.
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