For all those players thinking about leaving

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  1. EMC is not at its best i know that but its getting better. Think of everything thats coming now that we have 2 admins and 4 senior staff! All of Aikar's updates are coming soon and he is working very hard on them. Let me put this into perspective. EMC is a person, right now it is in puberty. It was nice, small, and sweet as a child and then it started to change- FOR THE BETTER- now its in puberty. Its getting new things to make it better and soon it will be an adult and it will have loads of features and new players that will become veterans and respect us and not use illegal mods, respect staff, and follow the rules. These things ARE coming but they take time! Not everything can be rushed. I hoped this analogy helped people try to understand what EMC is going through. So if you are on the fence about leaving- in short- DON'T. We are getting there and we cant afford to have more people leave. And from me and surely all of the staff- Dont leave EMC were about to become so much more than anyone thought we could! We are going out of our potential and raising the bar SO high we need everyone to make us a whole.
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  2. People are thinking about leaving?

    Because I am not :)
  3. Who said anything about leaving? Nice metaphor though. I don't know if you could call me a veteran yret.
  4. I'm not either, I just hope that with the whole Puberty thing, EMC doesn't get all awkward like people do during Puberty.
  5. Are you calling me awkward? Jk.
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  6. I hope everyone gets my metaphor
  7. Wait 4 senior staff?!? I only knew of max, aikar, and shaunwhite.
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  8. Just take a brake from EMC, if you really want to leave.
  9. No, only 3 senior staff. But i sawq green_mystery is no longer moderator... :(
  10. MileHi, Shaunwhite1982, Aikar, Maxarias
  11. Oh I've never heard of milehi before....
  12. On members>staff there is only Aikar, Maxarias, and Shaunwhite1982
  13. I've been having thoughts about quitting since some time ago.
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  14. I think you've made a good metaphor.

    Yes, EMC is very young, and it has to go through this "puberty" like all of older on-line communities did - that lived long enough to reach that stage. There are changes that can be very unpleasant, especially for members that have been here from the beginning (I'm not among them, but I've experienced that several times in other communities.)

    Whether EMC will survive and what it will look like as a "young adult" depends - naturally - on the people that meet and communicate here and on Kalland Labs who is service provider for this community.

    It depends on the majority, the "average member", but often it depends a bit more on a smaller "core" group of members, sometimes called "the intelligence". So it does matter which people leave and which arrive new.

    It depends on whether there is atmosphere of trust and solidarity, if there is some cohesion - or if there is general atmosphere of mistrust, trolling, gloating. If this community has power to heal itself or if it will succumb to illnesses.

    It depends on whether Kalland Labs is really able - has wit, knowledge and sense - and is willing to listen to and feel the community and provide what it needs - even if it that potentially does not match the "maximize fast profit fast" path.

    It depends on whether Kalland Labs, the staff and the moderators team will recognize and keep in mind,
    that this community is not their property they can do with as they like,
    nor a guinea pig on which they can test their ideas about communities, on-line games, economy etc.,
    nor a milk cow where they just need to find out how to milk the maximum $$ out of it, fast, before it dies -
    that here are people with minds, souls and feelings - that can be hurt.

    It depends on whether the EMC will take a path towards dictatorship and tyranny or towards educated democracy and positive community development.

    There are patterns that repeat in (developing) communities, there are patterns and symptoms that are recognizable and that give an idea about the type of a community / society and its path. If you smell something - well yes, something is rotten in the state of Denmark. I've written some bits about these issues before, but I'm not sure whether people here really care.

    I'm positive that in the end, the Nature will regulate all of this in its way, but it will be better if people can understand and do it in a much more pleasant way beforehand.

    Well, bottom line ... it depends on whether people here do care.
  15. MileHi is Justin, guys…
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  16. True that.
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  17. it is still senior staff
  18. Ok?
  19. Rumple Time Zone Bumpkins
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