EMC Pricing Survey?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by M4ster_M1ner, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Hey,
    please let the community know

    * what the results of the survey will be used for?

    * are you going to post the results of the survey?

    * what do you plan to do with the economy generally?

    Thank you!

    As you may already know, my vote is always for development towards a sustainable, rounded up and fair economy that is real fun and challenge to play.

    PS: I'm repeating what I think should be kind of obvious: you need to stop "printing" money excessively. Fair, sustainable economy would bring a lot into the gameplay. People do like the economy part very much, this is obvious. It would open new aspects of gameplay. It would also help strengthen community bonds and encourage older players to keep playing. "It's psychology," it's about how you make people feel. Just follow the human nature and natural laws...
  2. They just now released the survey, I doubt they are able to release any details yet just after one day but I'm sure they will.
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  3. I looked at the survey but didn't fill it out as it didn't make a lot of sense to me.

    The thread states they want to get a feel for average prices, but then the survey asks what's the most I'd be willing to pay. I didn't see any mention of how it will be used either, which would have been helpful.

    If it's to reprice the /Shop items with more sane pricing, I can see why they would want to set them at the highest someone would be willing to pay.

    If it's to truly get a reading on the average price of items, the survey wording should be what are the prices at actual shops rather than the buyer's opinion of what is the maximum price they would pay.

    Shop owners are likely to set their max somewhere below their retails. Others are likely to be higher. Depending on the day of the week or how I'm feeling, I might pay anything from nothing to a silly high price. I just didn't know how I should answer it.
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  4. I filled it all out, but with that many questions, it will take some time to get results.
  5. ..Oh.. I guess I shouldn't tell you about Justin's secret command of /makeitrainrupees
  6. I find the whole issue of valuing goods rather confusing. I wish there was some sort of formula like time to attain good multiplied by difficulty ratio minus some other stuff equals value.
  7. or the EmpireAikarIsDestroyingTheEconomy.jar....

    But as said before, EMC will not be doing the things you are requesting M4nic.

    EMC is not and will not be an Economy focused server.

    The shop system is going to be the biggest thing to affect the economy (And that debate is over, please do not restart it.)
  8. This wouldn't work. The intrinsic value of something and its "use" to the player would have to be taken into consideration. There are just too many dynamic variables to attain a solid answer to the true value of each item.
  9. Why would it for one item, and then ask for 64 of then. Shouldnt the answer just be r•64?
  10. I said the same thing >_>
  11. Well, some players, including myself feel that if you buy in bulk, you should get a lower cost. I explained that to Aikar, but he's not to economy friendly, as you all know. :p
  12. While i was typing, yours was being posted so when I clicked "post", yours showed up.:)
  13. Some shops are set up where when you buy in bulk, you get a cheaper overall price.

    I may buy one wither skull for 10k, but if i buy 3, I expect to get a discount, maybe 9.5k each:)
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  14. There already is. But it's subjective rather than objective pricing. Items that are easy to get and renewable tend to be inexpensive. Non-renewable and items that are hard to obtain tend to be more.
    When I price things, I also factor in whether other people are selling it/asking for it, how much they are selling it for, and what basic items are used to make it, and how hard/easy it will be for me to maintain supply.
  15. Exactly. :)
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  16. You have taken the words right out my mouth :D I was just about to say that.
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  17. Hmm. I suppose. I just thought it was for an easier buy, just so you didnt have to click a sign 64 times. Oh well :)
  18. Well, the cheaper for bulk idea isn't really EMC special. Think of places like Sam's club. You get better deals for stuff...but in order to get them you have to buy a crap load at once.
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  19. This reminds me of math were you have to find the unit rate of two items to find the "best buy" :eek:
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  20. Also, I'll just say that the survey (and the ones we'll do afterwards for other items) are to help with an upcoming EMC project we're releasing. I'm sure releasing results after they're done won't be a problem as it's not meant to really be private, haha.
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