EMC Pricing Survey?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by M4ster_M1ner, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Well personally, I will pay more for a bulk of an item I need, since it saves me time going to a whole bunch of shops.

    If you want accurate results, why not just take the prices people are actually paying for items?
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  2. I thought this same thing. I got bored of filling it out after a while >.>''

    Not knocking it, It was a great idea but I don't know how well the results are going to be, given there are members who play but only use the forums to 1. Sign up , 2. Appeal/Fail to appeal a ban and 3. auction stuff. Heck on SMP7 yesterday three or four people were amazed and just then hearing that there are supporter options and what you get with them :/.

    Another thing is, people tend to get bored and just fill it in. Also they'll use their rupees as a guide, so they'll price things high thinking they'll make more money this way.

    And the last thing I can think of is, half of it was stuff I never buy, I try to harvest/farm/make my own or just plain don't use it. So some of it I had to look up the pictures. When it said Brick Block and Brick Block 64 I was thinking
    which I would buy. Not this oogly mess: that nobody likes.
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  3. Also, you would get more money buy selling the basic blocks so people can craft them into what they want.
  4. Well, you may not like brick blocks, so that is fair, but someone else might. Again, that is why it is an average :). Not just 'Pandas list o' prices' (while I am sure it would be fair). Yes, the forum community might be limited, but most of our long term players, who have been on EMC to see the economy go up and down, and know the true limits of what one would be willing to pay for an item, are here. Not all of them, but most. There may be other implementations to increase awareness of the survey, if we feel that is really necessary.
  5. Yes, I'd expect that any such action, and anything of obviously high interest to the community would be communicated and intentions explained.

    Careful, the /shop is the nuclear bomb for the EMC "economy."
    Lower the prices there, and the economy is devastated instantly.
    It might be better to simply remove rupees altogether and give people diamonds or whatever.

    As mentioned, people do like the economy aspect. :)

    s/things/fair, rounded up and sustainable economy/
    Thank you for explaining the intentions!
    Though, it seems that the most people do like the economy aspect very much. :D

    I like the basic idea of the shop update (v2) and I'm not restarting that debate.
    The community will restart it as soon as it starts to feel the itch, there's no doubt. :)

    Yes, why not let a computer do the simple math over the transaction log, make some sums per week (Friday to Friday) and show us some results, let us know what we're doing?
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  6. As we've said before, the economy is simply a tool/secondary aspect of the game. We'd never get rid of it, but its not the primary goal.

    As said above, itll never go away :). Just that we the current style of MMO economys of money income (bonuses), money outcome (sinks) is perfectly fine and we will continue that style.

    The community will be vastly different and no longer focused on the economy by the time shop system is revamped... :)
  7. i still wanna see justin post here xD
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  8. Haha, I was being sarcastic. Several people I've talked to who play don't like them and think they are ugly. Sometimes texture packs make them look even worse.

    I'm assuming one of those implementations is the message like with the last survey we did?

    Also my prices would probably be way off because I have no clue when it comes to pricing things. I've never really tried to focus on rupees though.

    Would that require sort of like a barter system almost like now? "I'll give you 3 diamonds for a stack of *insert item here*? We'd have the same things as now, "How many rupees do you have?" "How do I pay someone?" "Can I have a job? I need diamonds." etc.
  9. Something that was requested by the players. Doesn't mean we're focused on the economy. We're not saying the economy doesn't exist...it's just not our MAIN focus.....
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  10. What I wanted to say is, it would be better to remove rupees altogether than to cripple or kill the rupees (currency, economy) by lowering (or miss to increase!) the prices in the /shop or with similar "keep in check" measures.

    Yes ... barter system is the most natural and healthy one. Straightforward and honest, but not so convenient as having a currency.
    Should the EMC "economy" go to Absurdistan, I assume people will switch to barter system very fast. It is partially happening already.
    Add some technical means to make trading comfortable, for example make chest-shops that can work like barter, like "[Owner] / 1 Diamond / 24:22 Coal / 97 in stock" and most of the problems would be solved.
    (It would be still better to have a currency, but an honest one...)
  11. Wow.
    Now that is BIG news!
    I'm sure everyone here is eager to hear all and everything about that!
    Will we become better MC players?
    A better community?
    Better people all together?
    WOW! I'm all ears!
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  12. I'm not sure the 64x pricing should be there, I'm quite busy and I don't find time to use a calculator unfortunately :p Lol, perhaps you should make it the price/1 when buying in bulk :)
  13. Didn't Aikar say he might make a virtual shop? so we could shop on the website for minecraft items then having to run through thousands of residences to look for that ONE item that seems like nobody has...?
  14. There will be dancing, and singing.
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  15. What the EMC pricing survey is actually for... Is..
    A secret, and none of us will tell you yet! :p
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  16. What, really? ...now Mrs Krysyy - you told me you'd buy mine for 6k lol ... perhaps I don't have to stock so many?
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  17. Was an example, not actual pricing. Wither skulls haven't been 10k for a while now.
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