Involvement of the Community [was: EntCount]

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  1. This problem can be solved with many benefits.
    Of course you need to triage topics and involve the community first on general issues, to see what the community needs.
    If the general issues are more or less settled and there is a general direction, then the details will follow more easily.
    You can always set a time limit for a decision, after all it is you who decide in the end, not the community.

    If you want a successful community, you need to serve that community, provide what it needs, and follow its development. I hope that's obvious enough, any form of imposing development on a community won't really work.

    I wonder if you realize the weight of that statement...

    This implies knowing what it is :)

    It is wonderful that you have surprises and presents for the community.
    Of course, every member hopes that they will affect her or him and the whole community in a positive way. :)

    For other topics, it is not good to underestimate the community. If you think the community wouldn't understand an idea or a plan, then there is a suspicion that there is something fishy about it...
    It is also not good to paternalize the community. EMC is not a kindergarten.
    Is it? :D
  2. Well, before I look down upon thee update created by Aikar, I'll be observing getting results over the month, Looking for changes in economy, player habits, and just the way things work.

    Though it does seem like TONS of players are unhappy with this new update, they will all most likely adapt to the new environment as they always have.
  3. Ok, you're more for the kindergarten type of community. There is nothing wrong with that per se,
    we just need to know where we are :)

    See here -> entcount-what-changed-on-dec-03-2012 :)

    There is a problem with this "they" and "we." Kindergarten teachers and kids?
    Little trust? Any time.
    Big trust? Ask community. :)
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  4. Like I stated already. There are things that will change that aren't really topics for discussion. Not EVERYTHING will be a discussion based on what it is. This thread really is not required as we already do and will involve the community in everything we feel we need to. Please do not belittle the community by comparing them with Kindergarten . :)

    Things that we KNOW need to happen to make EMC run at top performance isn't really something that would be discussed. It's GOING to happen because our goal is to make EMC playable without lag issues.

    We aren't supposed to have lag but we do, so we're fixing the problems that cause it, even if it means that some bonus things people have experienced will go down a little for the sake of a much larger positive for everyone.

    Think of it like a diamond duplication glitch. Sure, a lot of people might want to do it and are very upset when we fix it...however we will never "discuss" with the community if we should allow it. We know it's bad for everyone, and we will fix it to how it SHOULD be. :)
  5. I dunno, EMC is like Kindergarten, there's building blocks and you get to color stuff and have fun.
  6. You forgot the most important part in Kindergarten Mrs. Panda "Naps" :D
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  7. Snack time too!
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  8. You're turning this around... well actually that's what I'm saying :)

    The comparison with kindergarten was in the first place that the kids are not expected to understand what is going on, and they are informed mostly on "need to know" basis "just in time."

    Well, that's not really a matching comparison.
    More in the opposite way: No honest player here wants another glitch in the game
    (be it a bug or a change with best intentions) which would drastically change the game rules.
    I expect that most player want stable game rules, so being creative, investing
    some effort and building makes sense.
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