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Do you advocate freedom, open society, democracy, free market and human rights?

Yes, both generally and for the EMC community. 7 vote(s) 35.0%
Yes, but this is not relevant for the EMC community. 11 vote(s) 55.0%
Yes for EMC, but not generally 0 vote(s) 0.0%
No, but this is not relevant for the EMC community. 1 vote(s) 5.0%
No, neither generally nor for EMC 1 vote(s) 5.0%
  1. What is (or should be) the general direction of development of the EMC community?
    Who can, who shall decide about this? And how?

    Do you advocate

    - freedom?
    People shall be free to decide for himself how they want to play (on EMC) within the rules that are already in place, be free to decide what is interesting and worth their time. No paternalism.

    - open society / community?
    Responsive, tolerant, non-authoritarian and transparent administration,
    no (cultural or any other) racism,
    no (unnecessary) bureaucracy,
    no arbitrary and unnatural rules,
    no administrative "fixing" of the community.

    - free market?
    People shall be free to buy and/or sell in-game goods and services in any way they see fit.
    The administration shall not "fix" or restrict the market nor "keep it in check,"
    but let natural laws for demand and supply take effect.

    - human rights?
    Every person shall have inalienable basic rights, as foundation of freedom, justice and peace.
    Dignity and worth, equal for all. Everyone shall be treated with respect.
    No discrimination (this should be obvious).
    Right to liberty and security (no one shall be (forcibly) exposed to insult, griefing, etc.),
    everyone shall have right to be protected.
    Shall there be commitment to basic human rights within EMC rules and guidelines?

    As you may already recognize, I do advocate freedom, free market, democratic processes and human rights and I think that no community, even in-game or around a game can develop in a healthy way and prosper without it.
    What do you think?
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  2. You did that because of your thread not being accepted
  3. Look I've made a suggestion ... it's just a suggestion. If I advocate democracy and the majority does not like my suggestion, than I shall be - and I am - happy with that. I surely don't advocate free market because of the votes on my poll / suggestion. I hope this is understandable.

    I advocate free market because I think it is crucial for exchange and development. (in game and generally.)

    I also think that people learn a lot while playing, so it would be also better to play free market in-game for that reason.
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  4. Freedom: We already have this, provided we stay within the rules - you can't really ask for more...

    Open society/community: Again, we have that. There's no fixing of the community. The administration is extremely responsive - I've never had to wait long for a reply from Jeremy. They're also transparent, considering Aikar posted whole thread on what was to come. There is no racism, and if you really want mods to be elected, then I promise you it wouldn't end well. I saw it in practice on another server and there was madness. All rules are there for a reason - just because it seems unnatural to you doesn't mean it does to everyone else. If you feel like politely asking why a rule exists, ICC's PMs are always open.

    Free market: We are free to buy and sell in a way we see fit, provided it stays within the rules. Before the auction limits, the forum was becoming close to a spamfest - all you could see in the active threads box were actions, so something had to be done, and personally, I think the right thing was. In game, natural supply and demand is already in place. People are free to price what they sell at any price. For example, long ago diamonds were 30r. The demand has increased and now they're 40-50.

    Human rights: we have them, I've not seen anyone be treated without respect by the staff (if you are, PM ICC), and if a player disrespects you then /report is moments away - remember that you might not see the consequences of a report, but ever single one is read and investigated. Griefers are everywhere, it's up to us to prevent them - by making sure we only give out flags to people we trust and to protect areas using a dragon egg when it becomes possible to. Currently, in the wild you can simply go far out and hide your base. Discrimination, again, just /report it. There's no need for basic human rights to be included in the rules, because if someone does legitimately break one and you /report them then I'm sure it'll get dealt with. You get them here because of how well EMC is run - be grateful.

    I think we have developed the healthy way. Almost every other server I've been on have dictator like administration. Just be glad you chose EMC.
  5. Also keep in mind that the staff of EMC don't need to give "freedom, open society, democracy, free market and human rights" to its players - this is a game, so be grateful for what we have here (and that we have this) because it sure is better than any other server. :)
  6. Dude, this is MINECRAFT.
  7. Dude, this is (could be?) a great community and a great game. :)
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  8. Then why do you create this thread.
  9. I just wanted to quote this, because its important. You make three threads to talk about the same thing, and suggest things we already have in place. But you preach freedoms and such. I would like to challenge you. Find another server run this way. That has an understanding staff. An active and lively community that actually listens to these suggestions instead of deleting the thread. Or the Admin coming on saying "lolz, youre stupid". You may think its not true. I've been there though. Minecraft Servers, in simplistic versions, can be run by anyone. Not very effectively no. But run all the same. Go to a popular server where most of the staff are just a bunch of grade school friends, where every staff member is given creative and ban reasons can be "You looked at me weird".

    Alex is right, there is nothing that forces us to do anything. At all. But like Jack pointed out under the OP, we have all of this stuff implemented. It would seem more you have split the hairs of what you are saying, applying large concepts to tiny personal dislikes. Not saying you are wrong for your suggestion. You are free to suggest what ever you are feeling up to that day. Just thought I would point this out.
  10. It seems appropriate that I share this link:
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  11. I also wanted to paste this here. Another good reasoning to a recently closed thread. Believed it to be appropriate of such to this one.

  12. Look, the way the Empire is being run AND the way in which it continues to grow and develop is fine. In fact it's better than fine, it's probably the best I've seen in any community. NO change is needed! As the Empire grows and it gets better the staff and players adjust as needed. What isn't needed is a forced way of thinking...
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  13. Change is always needed Stads. There is no denying that. I do not know of anyone who has said there will never be a change. However, Jack pointed out, most of the "changes" being asked for in the thread, are actually already implemented.
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  14. Sorry for the confusion but what I meant was that EMC only needs change as it develops and is necisarily (it needed more servers a while back so it added more). What I don't think EMC needs is a change of thinking and a locked way of society being essential to each and every player. I believe that every player should have the freedom to do everything their way given they follow the rules and guidelines... Sorry if I wasn't making too much sense before but hopefully I have clarified what I was ACTUALLY thinking here :)
  15. I am keeping that in mind. :)
    And I think there are still suboptimal solutions and that there is still room for improvement.

    Though, certain intentions, for example introduction of arbitrary taxes just to take rupees away from people and perhaps reduce taxes and fees for supporters (see are contrary to the idea of freedom, equality, open society and open market.

    I saw a beggar leaning on his wooden crutch,
    He said to me, "You must not ask for so much."
    And a pretty woman leaning in her darkened door,
    She cried to me, "Hey, why not ask for more?"
    (L. Cohen)

    General staff discussion is not open for reading for all members.
    There are things that should not be open for public access for a good reason. But a crucial property of an open community is that general administrative discussion (parliament) is open to hear / read for everyone.

    Well, I do not agree.
    What about threads with unpleasant content being locked, hidden or deleted?
    What about the ideas about goals for staff to change how people (should) play on EMC.
    Supporting community development (like the dragon tomb) - excellent!
    Fixing the community with censorship and similar - won't work but will ruin any community.

    (I'll reply to the rest later.)
  16. What do I think? I'll be completely honest here, and answer you.
    I think you are anathema for the biggest problems in the current american social additude. Entitlement, self importance, complete lack of regard for other's opinions and the truth itself, and disdain for the need of any kind of regulations or limitations which you personally find disagreeable.

    You use words without any regard for their actual meaning, trying to twist them into meaning whatever suits you at the time for whatever affect you desire at the time; fickle, arrogant, and cocky to the degree that you regard anyone disagreeing with you to be discountable by whatever means you can invent.

    You asked what I think, there it is.
  17. We have no right to see staff discussion, because it's exactly that... It's staff discussion, not 'oh, well the staff are talking about stuff here, but we'll let a demanding community member see it discussion'.
  18. Freedom: We have it.
    Free Market: We have it.
    Open society: We have it.
    Human rights: We have those too.

    Most, if not all, the ideas in this thread are already implemented. I dare you to go find another server where the admins won't call you an idiot for not knowing a crafting recipe or something.
    I dare you to go find another server where people aren't treated like crap, where racism isn't tolerated at all.

    Go on, I dare you.
  19. 100% Agree! Dont like EMC? Go play somewhere else we dont need people like you. (Not you Soul! :p)
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  20. Just a heads up to you as well, JustinGuy is prior Navy. ISMOOCH is prior(?) Army. I am currently serving in the Army.
    We fought for your freedom to your own opinion. Show some respect for opposing opinions. In addition, we are a community not a government agency. The rules set forth by both Jeremy and Justin are enforced by the Staff with proper judgement. If you ever feel that one of the Staff has done something improper, contact Jeremy(IcecreamCow) directly. That is what he is here for, to regulate his hired volunteer Staff.

    If you don't feel that EMC has the proper system in place, you are free to leave and establish your own community and enforce the rules in your own manner. You have that freedom as well.

    What you are failing to understand is that the EMC community is a form of society. We have our social norms established and when those boundaries are crossed, the offender/s is/are punished appropriately.

    Also, jaqiefox was right on all counts in my opinion. :)