[Suggestion] More perks for Supporters!

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  1. Hello,

    I have been a supporter for a long time, and i was thinking of this for a while. say you have been a diamond supporter for say 6 months, after that if u continue u get more rupees per day, if u have been one for 12 months then u get more rupees. every 6 moths of being a supporter u get say 200r more a day so after 6 months instead of 1,300 u will get 1,500. if this happened then there would be more people that would buy supporters. does anyone think this is a good idea.

  2. The perks are already good as they are. If this happened, then something would have to be added to Iron and Gold to balance it out a bit.
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  3. The perks are bonuses for being a supporter. Being a supporter isnt about getting the perks, its about supporting the server. I support because i love the server and the community, even though i rarely have time to play anymore. Plus, you can get 200r extra a day easily. If you have a res near other people, build a tree farm, and harvest wood everyday. Three stacks should get you the amount you want.
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  4. Well, what would you do with free rupees?
    If you think this through, you will see that there is almost no good use for free rupees
    and that there are many disadvantages that they bring with them.
    If you want, I will explain this in detail.
    I plan to do this anyway, for the community, but I thought I'd wait for the shop update,
    when I expect that some realities about free rupees might become a bit more obvious.
    In short: free rupees are poison for the economy and indirectly for the community.

    My opinion is, if you really support EMC, the server maintenance and development,
    the game and the community, then you do not need any perks, but enjoy the game,
    enjoy playing with these people, enjoy development of the community.
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  5. I pay for the name colour, reses and nothing more (well, except to support them Empire). Extra rupees mean nothing to me personally.
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  6. Bank number: 20954143, all of it, please.
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  7. I think the perks are fine- and I personally don't care about rupees. I am a supporter because I love the empire, and it gets annoying without /map hide ;)